Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, at least it's Friday man. I'm supposed to go here tonight to see Scottish band Travis! I hope I'm not too tired or running late with traffic and all and can make tha show! WOOHOO! They're not super big in America, but they're a good competent entertaining little rock band.

There is a neat little Spanish word I'd like to teach you. I use it q
uite often, for it helps relieve stress and insult the one you love or your enemy all at the same time! I shouldn't even be giving away this little gem, but since Spanish is increasingly being spoken by more people all over the world, especially here in the United States, I might as well let the cat out of the bag a bit. The word is tarado. TARADO. It is pronounced this way. Got it? Ya gotta roll that "r" a little. The English equivalent is "dumbass", "retard", or "moron". So let's say you're trying to show someone how to pour milk onto a bowl of corn flakes and they spill the milk and you get frustrated at them, you'd kind of calmly but gently and with a bit of a heavy sigh would say, "Ay, tarado." However, if you're really pissed off at that bitch supervisor of yours or some dumbass illegal immigrant (LOLOL) just cut you off on the freeway, you could freely yell out with true gusto, "¡TARADA!" It obviously changes ending according to the person's gender, but you already know that; tarado for males, and tarada for females. This free useless and ridiculous public service announcement brought to you by the biggest tarado of them all: ME! Gracias.

It's a big religious week fellow Christians and Jews! Passover and all that yummy food; I wanna wish my Jewish brethren a happy holiday. I haven't had good Hebrew cuisine for quite some time, but it is good stuff, and those pastries man are to die for! MMMMmmmm! And then there's Easter weekend here for those who believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Frankly, I don't really celebrate Easter, except by sleeping in as usual and doing almost nothing like most of my Sundays. HAHA! I used to dye eggs as a kid, but that takes time and work, and the price of those dying kits has gone up since I was a child! MAMA MIA! Is it true some people actually eat those colored eggs? YUCK! I could never do it. Sounds gross. Anyway, congrats to everyone, whatever your religious beliefs, and peace and love to all, let's make love, let's spend the night together, let's get it on, and may all your precious dreams come true. Happy 2012 and kumbaya my Lord...

This is a remarkable well-written piece on Madonna's enormous extraordinary wealth. Even if you hate the bitch, even if you completely loathe the pop-singing whore, this article is a must-read! How does she do it?!

I wish ya a happy weekend! I leave you with a fabulous clip from Will & Grace, that tremendous sitcom that once was. This is very funny good stuff:


RG said...

It has always fascinated me that whenever someone is learning another language, the first thing they want to know is how to curse in the new language! I've always partial to "pendejo" myself Thanks for the vocabulary lesson.

Aaaah Easter - nothing says resurrection of Christ like a big sale at a department store! I'm going to Macy's an then chowing-down on some Chinese food, you know, since Sweet & Sour pork is THE traditional holiday feast.

Madge may be a marginal singer, a poor actress, terrible with her spousal choices, a serial child collector and totally lacking in any fashion sense at all, but you can't deny her business skills. The girl knows how to play high finance. As Joan Crawford once said, "Don't fuck with me fellas! This isn't my first time at the rodeo!"

Todd said...

Gracious! I'll use that word faithfully everyday on almost everyone at work, (except the guy from Mexico who would probably beat my ass and he's a lot bigger than me....shudder)

Conclave27 said...

May favorite curse word to women is "Sangra de los pescados por los tiberons". It takes a while to sink in... and by that time I would have walked away with the last word. Bwahahaha... basicaky it literally translates to "Fish blood for sharks" or basically calling a woman "Chum", a deragatory remark about their smelly period.

On a lighter note... the Feast day of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar is upon us, a day to celebrate fertility. You know..eggs.. rabbits. What? Don't tell me you believe that stuff where the rabbit is the one who dug into Jesus tomb and freed him, then left a golden chocolate egg for the roman guards to step on?

Ah Madonna... still peeved that I had to wait nearly three hours for her show. Her DVD videos are much better than her real life performance. I hate to say... but it was just "ok". No worth to see live at the prices she charges.

Gary said...

I am on vacation now (until the 20th) but can't seem to stop myself from getting up at 5:00 in the morning anyway. So, this morning I read your blog and clicked the Madonna link and read it all. She makes it seem so easy to have this kind of fame and wealth doesn't she? Good for her. I love the fact that she can show her cooter and still intimidate people.

Happy Easter or Passover or whatever else is happening this time of year.

Eddie said...

"This free useless and ridiculous public service announcement brought to you by the biggest tarado of them all: ME! Gracias."

Fucking funny.

As for Tarado... I have to begin using that word. I'm personally fond of "SANGANO" and "TONTO." Various Latin backgrounds call for various curse words, and being Puerto Rican, I find that we tend to intertwine English with Spanish. The lovely SPANGLISH.

My sister and my brother-in-law were practically stuck at the hip when they first embarked on their relationship and my friend's mom used to say... "Ay, they're estuck."

Easter is a fun time (especially with the children I teach) even though I don't consider myself a religious person at all. I was raised Roman Catholic but when I was old enough to make my own decisions, I decided that being a good, respectful individual sufficed. Too many wars and evil is produced from what is supposed to be a loving, peaceful institution. Go figure.

Besitos WAT baby

M- Filer said...

What a fantastic article! I have said the same thing only not as thouroughly (RE: "MADONNA CORP."-pop politico june 11, 2007). I really enjoyed it WAT-Man.

your Marvin GAY!

M- Filer said...


"— tries to follow her into the trailer where she is about to have a meeting. “Get out, this is business,” she snaps, and shuts the door in Keshishian’s face.
The viewer is left marvelling at Madonna’s priorities. Here is a woman who, elsewhere in the movie, rolls around on her mother’s grave, fellates a water bottle for the amusement of various gay members of her entourage, strips on stage and generally affects an air of devil-may-care candour — then balks at allowing a micro-glimpse of a business meeting."

alice said...

Happy sleeping-in day, Wil.

Madonna's arrogance and rudeness towards others is one of the primary reasons I cannot like her. I've enjoyed her music, but as a person she leaves me cold. I've never been able to tolerate people who are intentionally unkind, and think they have the right to be that way. Blah.

Palm Springs Savant said...

loved that article on Madge!

Happy Easter to you WAT~

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Hope you had a loverly Easter.

I'll be back in LA in a couple of weeks. Is a SoCal blogger meet up in order?