Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Those were some mighty good, fascinating, and sometimes hilarious comments for my last post good people. Thanks again! As usual, there is soooooo much I'd like to discuss; my overloaded brain is full, absolutely FULL and I must ejaculate it all onto this blog as much as possible for therapeutic effect!

Terremoto in Italia! Figlio di puttana!
Italian is a beautiful language, very similar to español, and the world entire is following the recent earthquake and strong aftershocks in the ancient region of Abruzzo, which has devastated the area and its very ancient buildings. Man, Italy is o
ld! LIKE, REALLY SUPER OLD, so a substantial 6.3 temblor such as this is more than enough to knock down historic brick and cement structures easily to the ground. A really wonderful story coming out of all this tragedy was the 98 year-old little old lady who was found after some 30 hours in the rubble and she was knitting for Christ's sake! LOLOLOL! Way ta go grandma! And our little beloved pop queen legend Madonna herself, has kindly and generously donated money to the cause as well, because her grandparents were actually from that region. That's pretty cool man, and I say bravo to La Ciccone for stepping up to the plate to help some of these poor suffering people right now. As someone who has been through quite a few quakes, they can be quite scary and disconcerting, and I am most fortunate to have never lost a home or to have been miserably disrupted by one, but I often wonder (as I've stated many times before) when our big shaker is going to happen here in L.A. YIKES! They need to get those prediction methods in order once and for all, or do geologists already know when one will occur but say nothing so as to not panic the population? Regardless of when, a quake here in Los Angeles is about as certain as the sun rising tomorrow morning; the price we pay for all this beautiful weather and the privilege of living near Paris Hilton. HA!

Okay. Wha
t tha hell is going on here?! GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN FOUR U.S. STATES?! Iowa's Supreme Court just recently gave in, and now Vermont, joining Connecticut and Massachusetts; the other two states allowing pink triangle weddings. WOW! What gives, what's the deal?! Are times changing so rapidly right before our very eyes as to allow this impressive wind of change to blow in so strongly? You know what this means right? THIS COUNTRY WILL BE GOING TO HELL NOW FASTER THAN ABE VIGODA TO HIS GRAVE! LOLOLOL! I'm all for this social progress, and now look at my own home state of California as one real backward expensive-to-live in shithole! I and many other homos had to deal with those awful nasty lawn signs and car bumper stickers last year banning gay marriage, and ultimately that damn Prop 8 passed, but the saving grace/good news being that it only won by a very narrow margin. OH CALIFORNIA! MY PRECIOUS HOME STATE! Get with it already! We got bigger more horrid real problems to deal with, so just let Adam and Steve get married so as to no longer fornicate and live in sin. HAHA.

I work in an office where I see babies and toddlers quite often, and sometimes I feel very sorry for them, not only because some of their parents are breeding losers, but simply for the fact that they are so small and innocent and on their way to inheriting a really insane world. Some of them might grow up to be extraordinary productive citizens mind you, but so many of them I feel are going to really truly suffer and struggle ya know? I dunno if I'm making sense, but I often squeeze their cheeks thinking, "Oh ye little one, you have no idea what's in store for you in this hard life." I do wish them the best, and here's hoping none of them become America's next most wanted serial killer!

George Michael's best days are probably behind him, but he has nothing to be ashamed about, because he's a Greek-English rainbow pride member of immense talent who has given us a tremendous song catalogue worthy of repeated and continued airplay for decades to come! I still turn up the volume every time my iPod randomly plays this finger-licking good masterpiece:


Gary said...

I think I should very much like to adopt one of those children who are only bound for struggle and misery. Or perhaps not, who knows what 2012 may bring. And if I can have one of those children with my "Adam" or "Steve" then so much the better.

George Michael is looking like 50 miles of bad road these days but nothing can diminish his talent. That boy can SING. And write beautiful songs that I listen to when I am feeling blue (Waiting - Reprise) or feeling randy and bounch (Faith). I actually sang Faith for an audition once and got the part because of it. How amazing was that. Thank goodness I perfected my performance on karoake.

When I visit Callie are you taking me out??

moonlitetwine said...

In Iowa, the Supreme Court ruled to stop the ban on homosexual civil union. The reason? It is against the Iowa and US Constitution.

RG said...

Iowa! Who'd a thunk right?

Well, I guess this puts a lie to the "Heartland" being anti-gay. A unanimous decision too. Woot!