Friday, April 24, 2009


Where is everybody this week?! Job gotcha busy? Bills piling up? Traveling 'round the world? Family issues? I hope you do not ignore or miss my last post. I wrote it just for you. YEAH! YOU MY DARLING! Not enough comments from ye lately to satiate my thirst for attention!

I finally paid off that awful credit card bill. Geez, ya miss one or two payments and those finance charges add up. Bunch of crooks. Thieves! CRIMINALS! I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! No, really, I do hate them. Lemme tells ya man, I'm not dirt poor, but I'm certainly just another working stiff who struggles like most people in this country. And the bills just never stop. Once I feel good that everything has been seemingly been paid off, a new month arrives to shatter that illusion. It's a sick twisted vicious cycle, and frankly it's very sad. So as to not be homeless and to have just a few little comforts here and there, I have no choice but to play this stupid game. I'm not trying to be a victim here mind you, but it makes me very depressed sometimes to know this reality of living. Life takes money! And the one and only credit card I have ever owned can kiss my butt and die! Yeah, I'm never using it again for as long as I can help it! I've had it with them. So my balance is now a big fat ZERO and I am planning to keep it that way! It'll only be my debit card from now on, which means I'll only spend the money I truly have. This is something most Americans had not done before, which is why so many have terrible credit card debt, but I totally understand how one can fall into this trap. BLOODY ASSHOLES THESE BIG CORPORATIONS! No wonder our economy is in such turmoil.

I was doing that Google Maps street view function the other day online, and it is quite impressive to be able to see the Eiffel Tower in such a stunning realistic 360-degree virtual way! THAT IS REALLY REALLY NEAT MAN! It saves me money on traveling I guess, but it only makes me want to go to these places even more. I also looked up the world famous El Prado art museum in Madrid, and it was so beautiful! Oh Spain! I cannot die without stepping on actual Spanish soil someday; land where some of my tainted blood comes from! HEE! All I need is time and most importantly, dinero. WELL DUH! I can't charge it to any credit card though, HAHAHAHAA! I really have to renew my passport sometime in the near future, but let's face it, I have so much domestic travel to accomplish as well. I've never seen New York City, Chicago, Miami, or seen the beauty that is Kansas. LOLOLOL! So many men awaiting my arrival across this great land, across this awesome planet! I'm cumming boys! Ya know, I often dream big, and that's okay. At least it's free man. Oh well. The weather in L.A. is generally pretty good and we got neat places here, but the people here can be quite rude, stuck-up, and just not very nice. Am I wrong to assume people are friendlier in other cities/places? I want to find out for myself, by traveling! I hate planes though. UGH! They're crowded, cramped, and they fly! EEK!

I wish this Beyoncé woman would disappear! Not only is she a mediocre pop star, but she's not that good an actress to be honest. She's been promoted/marketed very efficiently by her daddy I believe, but I find her a bit annoying. Like Diana Ross who left the two other Supremes in the dust, Beyoncé has also overshadowed her two former group mates from Destiny's Child. Howard Stern even played a clip of her singing live, and she just plain sounds horrible without studio magic! SHUT UP SASHA FIERCE! According to this scathing article sent to me by my good friend, bitch is a thief too! And now she's in this super retarded Obsessed movie; the billboards for it bombard me everywhere I drive in this city! We've seen this kind of movie before! Remember Swimfan?! Starring that hottie Jessie Bradford! THAT WAS QUALITY! LOLOL!

Or better yet, I give you the best movie of its kind ever made! I used to watch this movie a lot; wore out my videotape copy almost! A bit of a retarded ending, but still effective:

Wishing ye a great weekend, despite your bills.


Todd said...

Can I use the excuse that I'm swamped with school right now so I didn't have time to comment?
Truthfully I am and it's driving me nuts.
You're probably wrong about people being friendlier in other places. Here in dull Springfield MO, people are rude, selfish, stupid, and the all look alike.

RG said...

Sorry Hermoso, been busy with my own posts, and quite frankly, didn't have any opinions regarding some of your post - I know - SHOCK!

People in another town where one is visiting always seem nice and polite and friendly. Just like the guys in another town where one is visiting all seem SO CUTE AND SEXY.

Felize fin la semana!

BTW, my word verification is MENalyc. Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Palm Springs Savant said...

I was in Chicago for a few days and have been catching up on the blogs. BTW- I like Beyonce!

hey, write a nice post about my friend Paula Abdul sometime next week. she is helping us do some fundraising in May for guide dogs...

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I agree that credit card companies are really little more than organized crime wrapped in the disguise of caring, professional service providers. There is little difference between them and the check cashing joints with big, ugly yellow and black signs in sleazy parts of town.