Monday, May 18, 2009


I absolutely loved Green Day's last album, the masterful American Idiot, and so did many others, because it went on to sell 6 million actual CD copies in this country alone! That is an astonishing amount, considering we live in the digital download age! I sang its praises in this post from the past. Now I got my hands on their new release, 21st Century Breakdown, and although it's not hitting me immediately like their last effort, it definitely shows promise; look for it to certainly be the #1 album in America this week. Ya gotta hand it to a band like Green Day; they were supposed to be a 90s wannabe retarded punk cool fad, and in comes this decade and they manage to give us their best work yet. That is pretty freaking cool.

Oh, but do I hav
e the movies for you to watch! Sordid Lives feels like it was directed by John Waters or something; the cast of kooky white trash is to die for! LOLOLOL! Yeah yeah, this one is hoot and everyone in the film performs their role beautifully with some really funny insane lines. Even wilder, wackier, and funnier is the superbly engaging Boystown, which takes place in the world-famous Chueca neighborhood; the very trendy gay area of Madrid, Spain. This film is full of terrific performances, and it only made me realize once again how much I am dying to visit my ancestral homeland, España! Some of the gay dudes shown in this movie are so damn hot! WOW! In one of the scenes, I even noticed a bar's operating hours and it said it was open from 4p.m. till 5:30 in the morning! HOT DIGGITY DAMN! Spaniards love to party! Yeah, this flick also focuses a lot on how domineering most mothers and older women are in Hispanic culture, and now I see where my own mother has inherited this intense gene, HA!

This Madonna story of her "marriage" to the Brazilian boy toy has to be phony! IT HAS TO BE! And who cares what the RNC chairman thinks about gay marriage! SHUT UP! STFU
ALREADY! LIVE AND LET LIVE! Or is it Live and Let Die? The point being, life is too precious and short to impose yer outdated lame views on people! Spread the love baby!

Except for their barbaric cruelty to animals like they do with that shitty bullfighting, someday I shall visit this place I already love without having been:

P.S. I was near Downtown naked in the shower (hot, lol) when this nice sharp quake struck last night. EEK!


RG said...

Another hot shower and I'm not there with you to soap you up. shower with WAT...aaaarrrggghhhhhlllll

A Lewis said...

I need a personal, one-on-one, Spanish lesson?? Can you help??

Sebastien said...

Green Day, not so bad, just started listening to them again, they have some GREAT songs... looking forward to the new album.

Gary said...

Sordid Lives was a fun movie. Did you know it is also a series on LOGO? Check it out. It has almost the same cast as the movie.