Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This shall be a short post I hope. I had a very very nice, relaxing, and entertaining Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you did too. It will now be ruined by having to go back to the job I love, but I will cope I suppose.

I saw tons of films this weekend! Star Trek was enjoyable! It had a nice musical score, arresting visuals, pulsating superb sound effects, and Chris Pine as Captain Kirk! CHRIS PINE BABY! I noticed/realized that Chris has had bad skin, and this made him so much sexier to me! YAY FOR IMPERFECT SKIN AND THE HANDSOMENESS THAT STILL GOES WITH IT! On DVD, I saw a great, truly GREAT original witty movie from Spain called Unconscious. And I saw the original Night at the Museum, and it was mediocre family entertainment I guess. And I saw the very long and emotionally depressing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I think many people would find this freakin' movie boring, but I was engrossed by its terrific visuals, and William Bradley Pitt is so good-looking at times in the film; I was sitting there watching it mouth agape, wondering how he can be so damn purty.

Well, some pics of me this past weekend! I want to thank my photographer very much. Wanna see? Here they are:


Anonymous said...

I think I'm the only person on the planet that hated Star Trek. Oh well.
Nice pics and lucky photographer!

RG said...

My stars you are so very handsome. Beautiful, beautiful intense eyes.

Gary said...

Benjamin Button was an interesting movie and one that I enjoyed quite a bit. Brad Pitt is such a good looking man. And so are you. My stars indeed.

Conclave27 said...

LOL.... "Photographer Lucky"..lmao now that's funny.

mkf said...

i agree--very tasty.

[and just to clarify: i'm talkin' about you, not mr. pitt]