Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Because acne cruelly attacked me in my teens and still flares up on occasion even now, my poor face has been left scarred by all those years of nasty zits and crap. UGH! I hate it. Frankly, most people tell me it doesn't really look that bad, but I still find it unsightly and annoying. My goal is to get better-looking with age, and this has certainly happened and I think I have the incredible potential of improving even further! THAT'S RIGHT! So, sometime very soon I am willing to shell out a good chunk of cash to get a good chemical peel or even laser resurfacing! Why not right?! A good investment to just plain look and feel good about oneself is not a crime. And doggone it, I'm in Hollywood here! I just wanna look like a movie star okay? AHAHAHAH! I have but one shell in this lifetime! Might as well make it look as best possible. Darn it, takes work though to look good. And money! If anyone knows of a good topical skin product that would maybe be cheaper than going to the clinic, let me know!

Have any of you ever heard of Michael Savage? He's this really annoying obnoxious radio talk-show host that loves to scream on the air and gets angry over almost everything! He's quite hateful and horrible, but I used to like listening to him quite a bit because I used to laugh out loud at his stupid ass rants and temper tantrums! IT CERTAINLY WASN'T BORING WITH THIS GUY! He hates gays, liberals, illegals, and anyone else he can verbally destroy and now comes the news that Britain has banned Michael from even setting foot on their territory! WOW! I mean, Michael is quite an asshole creep mind you, but to ban him from the U.K?! That's kind of retarded! Free speech man! They have lots of immigrants without their proper paperwork there so why this drastic move? Odd really. The fascinating audio report on this as Michael goes off is here. Oh yeah, it's the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who has issued this ban against him. I wonder what Howard Stern would think of this. LOL!

Many thanks to my good bud Truman for giving me all this cool Pet Shop Boys music as of late. Love it! Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe; that awesome English gay duo with those catchy electronica beats! A cool must-see medley of their hits:


sttropezbutler said...

Spend the money and go to someone with a track record and with a client base you can talk to prior to doing anything. If you want it done correctly, do it correctly. You'll be happy after all the pain subsides! And your cheeks will resemble those of a newborn!
And you're handsome anyway....just an FYI

And I deleted the above to correct the typos! OOPS

Sebastien said...

WAT! It's so great to hear from you!

How have you been?

I would totally do those procedures if I had an issue that bothered me. Looks ain't everything, but hey, you take any advantage you can in this here life!

As for Michael Savage, I used to listen to him as well, because he was so damn CRAZY! very entertaining, even though he scared me with all his hateful venom, I found it too hilarious.

RG said...

Judging by the FEW pics we get to see of you, there is nothing wrong with your skin.

You are so damned handsome.

alice said...

Michael's last name sounds appropriate. I wonder why he is so angry. If he was banned in the U.K., maybe he said something about the royals.... they get pretty intense about that. Or maybe he offended one of the crowns' favorite charity or cause - they could drop a hammer on him. As much as I like the Brits, it's not a democracy over there.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

It's hard to believe Savage is based in SF. That would seem like living in hell for someone of his ilk, so maybe there is some satisfaction in knowing that he's surrounded by people who despise him.