Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Several observations in the past few days here. Bear with me:

I highly admire people who are able to make good money/ those who have a knack for turning a mound of shit into gold, and I'd honestly like to know the secret. Having a dead-end job just doesn't make one rich, let's face it! I wish I'd been born to Jews or something. LOLOL! That being said, people who have money/cash can be quite horrible human beings. Yeah, they got the hot bod, the nice fake tan, but the vapid self-centered arrogant spoiled attitude that they rule the world; a very pervasive theme here in Los Angeles, where so many young people work in the entertainment industry. Hollywood seems cool, but it has some really royally conceited jerks and bitches; this is quite disheartening, because if there's one thing I pride myself in is that I try to be humble. This of course, might also be because I am a working stiff and all, but it astounds me to run into people with money sometimes that behave worse than beasts in the animal kingdom! Money does not equal happiness, but it sure as hell makes life much more comfortable and smoother ya know? Oh well. Other than having a boring-as-hell job and a steady paycheck, I honestly wish I had the ability to attract more money into my life, not to become one of the Hollywood assholes, but to better my standing, enhance the lives of others, and live a less stressful life. Study after study has shown that having lots of money is not enough for happiness, one must share it with others and be generous, so YE CHEAP PEOPLE take note. And the karmic laws dictate that when one is generous, one can actually generate more cash in return than when one is stingy.

I need at least two weeks to a month off work for crying out loud; go somewhere cool on vacation, but I don't have enough time on the books due to always using it to be late or out of work because I love it so much there! UGH! So many of my fellow bloggers have such cool pictures of themselves on vacations, and I sit here and wonder WHY IS THAT NOT I?! WHY AM I NOT ON THE BEACHES OF IBIZA? WHY AM I NOT IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE? I SHOULD BE PHOTOGRAPHING MACHU PICCHU DAMNIT! Oh, all this good fun expensive travel will come in time I suppose, but I must say it often depresses me to not leave this city more often than I do. I know a good giant quake is coming soon, and before all of our lives are disrupted by THE BIG ONE, I wanna get out of here and see the world! If I could yank all those I love and move them somewhere else along with me or go seeing places, it would be such a dream! Alas, it all comes back to money again, in a certain way. While I am thankful I am not starving and have enough to survive (which is much more than most of the world which is dirt poor), I still feel like I'm lacking in penis size and I need to find ways to enhance/enlarge my member...JUST KIDDING! I wanted to see if you were actually reading this and paying attention!

A quiz will be coming shortly on this blog post, so take note! Okay, Green Day's new album is growing on me now. Yes, it is a worthy sequel/continuation to their last political/social CD. YAY FOR GREEN DAY AND THEIR THEMES OF ALIENATION AND FRUSTRATION! Ironically, these guys DO have lots of cash, to still be singing about such dejection, LOL:


RG said...

If I ever win the Big Game Mega-Millions lottery, the first thing I'm doing is flying to LA, taking you vengeance shopping on Rodeo Drive, pay off your mortgage and keep you happy with a hefty monthly stipend. Your only job will be to travel with and service me. LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree on the Green Day album. Impressive stuff happening there. They've kept the punk mentality even though they're rich.
I know how you feel. I've got to spend all summer working my ass off so I can pay the rent for next semester. Lots of kids from school are going to great places and doing fun things this summer but not me. Oh well. As long as I can party and get laid once in awhile, I won't be too upset.

molly said...

glad you enjoyed the beatles post i did for you :)

and about being rich...i think i heard somewhere that in all walks of life, rich, poor, black, white, male, female, etc. - the rate of depression is the same. however, as prince said, "money can't buy happiness, but it can sure finance the search"

Gary said...

Wow, how generous is that RG? It seems like he is building up some good karma. As for myself - and not to be outdone by Mr. RG - I would love to hire you as my houseboy (is that one or two words).

The more I read and hear about those L.A. Hollywood types the less interested I become. It amazes me that so many people can build a life on how they look, who they know and what they must do to obtain the ultimate prize. Money, money, money! It seems like those with money are never satisfied but those without seem to accept their lot.

As for you, you could probably do with a bit more of it since you can't afford a vacation. That is a tragedy my friend. You need to get away for sure. Come to NYC and visit me. :)

mkf said...

one of the great things about having me as a commenter is that you get the benefit of my advice whether you want it or not (and since i'm only a little drunk, tonight it's even good).

if you really wanna change your circumstances, i'll tell you how to do it: get yourself a goal-setting audiobook--brian tracy's "goals!" is a good choice--and put aside the beatles, green day and even talk radio long enough to listen to it twice through.

then do the exercises, and (this is important), review and refine the results every day and listen to the audiobook at least once a week thereafter for three months or so--i mean, marinate in the material.

think what i'm sayin is bullshit? this is the method i used back in the day to go from 0 to having a down-payment on my first house in 90 days.

clearly-defined, detailed goals that make you salivate and that you reinforce in your own mind every day--that, babe, is the secret of the rich and successful.

will you do any of this? if you're like 99.9% of the people i've given this "secret" to, it'll probably take ten years to sink in (if it ever does). in your case, i hope it's less than that, life being short and all.

alice said...

Since you have limited vacation time, maybe you could start planning a week away for a year from now. Actually pay for plane tickets, and start building from there. You would have to save those days, it would give you enough time to put away money for it, and you would have something wonderful to look forward to. Of course, you don't have to take my advice, but I'm just saying....

Green day may have a lot of money, but they are contemptuous of it...