Monday, December 19, 2005


O.k. I’m still dentally sensitive, but one final chopper is causing me the most pain. This is good news, because it means the other teeth are responding well to the gel my PILIPINA dentizt gave me.

I sawr KING KONG! Oh my! This movie had me balling. Naomi Watts is emotionally moving in her role and the special effects are first-rate! Thrilling! Exciting! Non-stop action and emotion! Bravo to the cast and crew, even though the first part of the movie is a little too long in my opinion. But yeah, so I cried like four times during the whole film, literally with tears streaming down my face to see what a gentle soul King Dong is, and how evil and exploitative humanity can be. One sole good woman can see how good this oversized gorilla is, yet everyone else treats him like an evil terrorist savage. How utterly sad. Animal abuse wrenches my heart and soul, and this film did it alright. HOLY COW DID IT EVA! And not as big a box office hit as expected this opening weekend, but word-of-mouth might just redeem it.

And lemme tells ya, I’ve always known Dave Chappelle is funny from his cable show and the hilarious Undercover Brother film (a movie he nearly steals), but Saturday night I caught one of his stand-up shows filmed back in 2004, and this guy is an entertaining comic genius. He really had me laffing. Genuinely laffing. Way ta go!

More gifts to buy and lots to do this week. Onward!

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