Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well my Xmas was mediocre, only because what had been feared is almost a reality. My father’s (R.I.P.) oldest child is in the hospital, dying of cancer. I haven’t seen her in over ten years, and never really kept in touch with her but it still sucks, because after all, she is my half sister. She’s got lots of kids (some adopted) and has been an exceptional housewife all this time, battling this disease on and off for the past seven years. And she's only about 43 years old or so.

It started I think as some sort of neck tumor, then to the breast, and well…why get gruesome with all the details? It’s like a heavy gray cloud hanging over all of us right now, especially her immediate family and brothers and sister. These would be my dad’s first kids with his first wife. I’m depressed over this, they must be devastated.

Only a miracle now would save her. But unfortunately I do expect to be at a wake or funeral sometime soon.


It’s a fact kids. We gotta die. And now it’s her time.

Enjoy this journey as much as possible.


G-Man said...

Wow man...So sorry to hear that. Email me if you need anything or wanna chat...


Mario said...

this is sad. I wish you, your family, and specially your sister all the strength you'll need to go through this.

*la luna negra* said...

ay mijo, I am so very sorry.
me hablas si necesitas cualquier cosa.