Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well congratulations to Reginald Dwight, better known to the world as Sir Elton John! The piano-playing extravagant entertainer got married to his longtime boyfriend, some David Furnish he’s been with for quite a few years. Didn’t they just make gay marriage in England legal? Or is it just a union/partnership thing?

I dunno frankly. It’s hard to keep up, but only a few countries (that can be counted on one hand) have made
homo union legal. The rest of the world thinks gays and lesbians are perverted family-destroying sodomite degenerate devils! WELL GOLLY!

I’m glad for Elton and proud of all that genuinely open-mindedly support this. I think it’s a step in the right direction. I would much rather have gay men with other gay men, than run the risk of having a guy who is trying to repress it all and marry a poor unsuspecting naïve woman (er, Brokeback Mtn. par exemple). Now that’s awful! Society trying to convert a hardcore gay man is stupid and destructive to the individual and his family. Worse yet are all those poor dudes who go into the priesthood. UGH.

As for Elton, he’s a phenomenal songwriter with the hot-blooded temper of a diva. Cheers to his
marriage and may all the haters pass out and die from heart attacks/strokes at this "disgusting family-threatening act."

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G-Man said...

Congrtas to Sir Elton!

Yes, he certainly can be a diva, but he's quite the talented performer!

I'm glad he got married, he deserves the happiness, just like anybody else!