Thursday, December 29, 2005


Well, at about 10:30p.m. last night, my half sister of only 44 years of age passed away. I am, to say the least, very sad but not surprised over the news, and especially feel terrible for her mother, her immediate brothers, sister, her children, and her husband. How bloody awful. Cancer is a terrible evil heinous murderer.

My relationship with her was extremely distant, but it affects me nonetheless, for we did have the bond of having the same father. And so, she has taken that final jump/leap/step towards the "other side." What in God's good name is over there anyway? I dunno, but I'm hoping it's a long while before I ever freakin' find out! UGH MAN! I wonder what she's doing right now? Is Cecilia meeting up with Dad and other deceased loved ones? Are they now looking at us here in this dimension? Do they talk to each other there? Hug? Enjoy neverending happiness now that world pressures are done with and they no longer have to worry about a physical body?

Or perhaps there is nothing, and that's just it. We all just die and the lights go out for good. I'd rather think, hope, and pray that Cecilia has gone to a beautiful place, and that all of us who deserve it, will go there too.

As for now, alls I can say kids is, make the most out of every little minute you have. Whether you're stressed, tired, upset, happy, bored, busy, stuck in traffic, angry, joyful, or whatever---enjoy it. This is one short ride apparently. Forgive those who screw you over and let stupid shit go. It's all so trivial and meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

It really truly is.


g-man said...

Wow man...I am so sorry...You have my deepest sympathies....Hang in there, okay?

Mario said...

What you wrote is beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss, and I send you love.

Bill German said...

enjoy every sandwich