Saturday, December 10, 2005


Good God. I can't believe I'm dedicating a post to one of pop culture's most hated oogly as hell women: Yoko Ono. Frankly, after all I've read about her and the things she's done and said, she has been quite the bitch. I don't blame her for breaking up The Beatles as so many have claimed, but she was most certainly instrumental in creating an even bigger rift between John and Paul. And frankly, I know Paul McCartney and her dislike each other.

However, John was most definitely madly in love with her. And if this is what made him happy in the last years of his life, then so be it. She too loved John, and to have witnessed him murdered in cold blood before her very eyes really must have been devastating. That just plain sucks. I applaud her though for staring coldly and not saying a word to Lennon's killer as he sat in the back of the police car immediately after the horrible crime. That asshole has said the image of Yoko just staring at him blankly like that has haunted him till this day. GOOD!

What if Yoko had been shot instead? What a horrible thought, but at least we'd have John! I know, I'm a selfish mean bastard.

And good God, how would John have handled his muse getting killed?,2933,178072,00.html


G-Man said...

It's very easy to hate Yoko. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan. Her singing on Double Fantasy is a travesty. And as you said, we can't blame her for breaking up the Beatles...they all were responsible for that.

Sometimes I think it's easy to hate Yoko cuz she's a bizarre avante garde artist. Sometimes I think its even easy to hate her cuz she's three things: agressive asian woman. Oh yeah, I think ppls hate for her is racism in disguise.

I will give her credit, though, for doing a really good job with the memory and legacy of Lennon. I think she's dealt with his estate with grace and without explotation.

What would have happened if Yoko would have been shot instead of John? I love that man too much to ever even want to think of what that would have done to him.

Those are just my two cents on this groggy Sat. morning.

Loren Soth said...


Despite everything, remember she was a loving wife who lost her husband to murder.

Have some "sympathy for the devil".

At least she has done her best to keep her husband's legacy alive in what ever way she can.

La Siciliana said...

i REALLY love the big-ass red X crossing out Yoko's face, that's the shit...