Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, the year is about to close. I feel much better today I guess over the recent tragedy in my family. Going to the gym yesterday afternoon certainly helped and I’m hoping to make time to go again today. Nothing beats exercise to clear the mind, soothe the soul, and tire out the body. All this while still giving me a renewed sense of hope that it will all be okay and that this is just another test. Life’s full of them. I am so appreciative of every little moment now.

So let’s think HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Because despite it all, life’s wonderful! It’s a gift! Hell yeah! I had planned to leave to Las Vegas tonight to ring in 2006, but I did not want to deal with traffic to and fro. Someone told me it could be up to ten hours on the road both ways! EF THAT! And I had my hotel room reserved and all, which wasn’t going to be cheap, but alas not a bad deal for this time of year. And the flights at this stage in the game are horribly expensive.

Oh well. Vegas’ll still be there next year...barring any terrorist attack God forbid. So I’ll just go next month or something, when it’s less crowded.

I’ll be in Los Angeles for the first time in years on New Year’s Eve. For two years in a row, I spent it in New Orleans, and boy oh boy was that a blast.

Forward march my friends. I thank you all for your kind words offering condolences.

I’ll try and find a party for tomorrow night and get my alcohol on.

And I offer you this song, as one of my favorite and most inspirational of 2005:

God bless.


G-man said...

Happy New Year! I too, am looking forward to getting my drunk on, as you put it!

I'll be heading to Madison, a couple hours south of where I'm from. Should be a good time with a few good friends.

Here's to a better 2006!

*la luna negra* said...

Feliz Año Nuevo culero, I LUV YOU!

Bill German said...

fI too went to the gym yesterday. All those tired old queens in the steam room. Oh shit "Hey wait!" I am one of those tired old queens? Happy 2006. And, yes I will get really drunk tonight and take the bus to weho. bye