Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well thanks for the overwhelming support good people regarding me getting harassed the other day at zee gym! I did call corporate office and a very nice gentleman took down my complaint, gave me two free months (so far) and will have the area director phone me very soon! So far, so good.

I was tagged by Loco Eddie as to what seven songs I'm currently listening to death, so here goes:

1) Return To Oz by Scissor Sisters - one of the most gorgeous lyrically tragic and melodically rich songs I have ever had the fortune of listening to; uses the L. Frank Baum story to describe a terrible meth addiction.

2) Anna Molly by Incubus - A terrific band, with a hottie lead singer. 'Nuff said.

3) Say It Right by Nelly Furtado- She is on fire! I love this sexy mamacita! I think I could get it up for her. This song is being used on cell phones and MySpace pages across the land! HAHA!

4) My Love by Justin Timberlake - If I have to hear SexyBack one more time, I will leap off the Golden Gate Bridge, but this song is cool. I think.

5) Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol - actually, I'm listening to lots more of their stuff, but this has been a big hit for them. Good Northern Irish/Scottish band. Not bad.

6) Read My Mind by The Killers- Although their first album was better, this latest one is not too shabby. And bisexual lead singer Brandon Flowers makes me hard. He should go to my gym. Ahem.

7) Cruz de Sal by Los Aterciopelados- Colombian duo that makes some of the best Latin songs around. Love the chick's voice and their catchy hooks. A sample of their work: here.


Poz Mikey said...

Good list and BTW about your last posting....What are you packing?


Scot said...

Five out of seven I listen to a lot. Scissor Sisters are a funky band, but don;t make into my rotation too often. Funny enough, I have on my ipod them coverring a Killers song; 2 for 1 special there! As for the latin song, don't know it specifically, but been listening to Spanish alternative/rock for several years on and off- ever since Y-107 (107.1FM) reformatted several years ago......It was mid December and suddenly one day Y-107 decides to play "Feliz Navidad." Ok, cool be festive. But then it repeated. Again and again. FOr 3 days (maybe more) non-stop. Then it turned "Spanish rock" and I didn't bother to take it off my preset. It stayed there until I got a new car. But I found that satation got a little too mariachi sometimes, so found I liked 103.1..that turned into a dance station, then Idie. I like Indie now. It's almost like the old Y-107. Funny how things come full circle.
Wait, this is your blog isn't it? Woops. And I think I wrote more than you did.

Gavin Elster said...

Look at that antique iPOD!

Sebastien said...

I need to get an ipod. I'm a zillion years behind with that stuff. I like the Scissor Sisters... I don't think I've heard most of these songs, I haven't been keeping very current with music of late.

Bill German said...

there used to be so much sex at the 24hr in weho. Clothing was optional in the jacuzzi,steamroom, sauna. Then last year management put a stop to the bj's and circle jerks in the steam room and now you have to wear clothes. I mean what the fuck! This is weho, not bumfuck egypt

Todd said...

Nice play list. Sam's Town is a little misunderstood, but I think it's brilliant. Thanks for the video link. I hadn't seen that.

Crazy Eddie said...

Wow, I almost forgot about Incubus. I used to listen to their first album frequently and also agree that the lead singer (I forget his name) is cute...

Love your playlist WAT BABY!!

Thanx for the shout out.

Dave Evanns said...

I have not heard the new Incubus album yet, but their last one "Crow left of the Murder" - I didn't care for too much.

I don't think I could live without my iPod, love that thing!

Christopher said...

Ahhh...Brandon Loverly!...digging the list Bro!

Elizabeth said...

I had to do a double take.... did you realize the title of this blog was GYN not GYM update. ha ha So, you have a GYN? he he