Thursday, March 15, 2007


Here we go again.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Peter Pace recently stated he considers homosexuality "immoral." O.k. sir. You have every right to voice your opinion under the Constitution. However, gay rights groups also have a right to condemn and defend themselves as well. I keep reading right-wing assholes and Christian fundamentalists mad at the gay community for being upset at General Pace. Well, does the Constitution not protect them as well? Hmmm? Sorry, but if you’re gonna say something controversial, you gotta be prepared to take the hits. This isn’t the 18th century anymore. Women, gays, and minorities now have a voice. It’s just the way it fucking is. Sorry, if we can't just keep our mouths shut like we once were forced to before.

Let’s look at General Pace though. Frankly, and in all crude honesty, I actually find the man quite handsome. HAHA! Yep. Totally my type! Looks like one of those older dudes that are married to women with the kids and all that I’ve "met" or "ran" into quite often. Many men in America are hiding many more secrets than they care to admit. They watch hardcore porn (gay,str8, and bi), and are living double bisexual/gay lives. I know, ‘cause I’ve HAD MANY..ER, OOPS!!! Ahem. Why is the Internet saturated with all this porn? It can't all be gay men who are the pervs! That hetero porn is really quite shockingly nasty! I say consenting adults should be left alone!

Why must we continue the hypocrisy? Even the guy’s name: Peter. PETER. HA! What does his gesture in that pic there mean anyway? Penis size? Hmmm? So many good gay men have served in the military since our good country began. I mean, really. What is the big deal? If two dudes are caught messing around or being inappropriate, then deal with it on an individual basis. Stop trying to divide good people in uniform. If things really got bad and they needed lots of military personnel, I betcha they would allow gays to serve regardless. Kinda like when blacks were allowed to serve, even though they were heavily discriminated back in the day. I know, I know, right-wingers are the first ones to say that race and sexual orientation are different issues and that race cannot be chosen like a man who "chooses" to pillow bite. Well, I say to you: F*CK OFF. How many good gay soldiers have already died and continue to do so for this inept ungrateful country?!

Of course, I had to post some of the comments to this controversy. Once again, Americans show their true colors:

-Everybody's in an uproar because General Pace expressed his personal opinion on homosexuality. I believe that most Americans agree that most abnormal behaviors such as necrophilia, pedophilia and homophilia are in fact immoral. We have just been cowered into not expressing our beliefs publicly.

-Pace was right the first time. Societies that go gay are on the way down and will let "anything go" or anyone come in.

-Well gentlemen. When all is said and done, we must contrast two opposing facts. One is that the bible is true and all of its teachings. Thus if you follow the teachings of the bible your conclusions are very plain. Homosexuality is immoral.

-I strongly agree with General pace. It absolutely is an immoral act that serves no life purpose. Immoral and godless fools like Joseph Rotolo that posted his comment should be expelled from the United States as undesireables. If we don't start standing up to these people now, we will fall out of favor with God and rapidly fall into his wrath, as has happened several times before. Note Sodom and Gamorea. Our elected representatives that have attitudes like John Warner need to be thrown out of office. This great country is headed for the gates of Hell. Wake up, America!


-Homosexuality is intolerable. Statistics show that most Americans agree with the former statement, but the homosexual lobby has learned how to yell very loud and they are in control (or at least have influence) in the media. Shame on us for allowing this country to be tolerant of this and other abhorrent behavior.

-If you are all going to throw God into this then make sure you know the scripture. God never intended any person to bey Gay and in the Bible it talks about homosexuality and that is a sin. It is wrong and it is immoral. If God says so then i will follow Him.

-Pace all the way! The truth is the truth homosexuality is nothing but an unnatural manifestation of sexual desire. Immoral, unnatural, and just plain nasty.

-Thank God that General Pace was willing to take a stand for what is moral and right. If the amoral left ever does take over the military then my children will not serve. It's SO REFRESHING to see someone willing to take a stand for what's right. There ARE moral absolutes and people who know this will not be shouted down by the "anything goes" crowd. We will not allow our country to be destroyed. Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves:(

-It is immoral & you can't be an upstanding Christian in your service to GOD if you break his laws repeatedly. A homosexual cannot serve in the service of GOD. And it is not discrimination, it is a choice these people have made. They have to bear the consequences. Can somebody prove to me how two openly homosexual people of the same sex can procreate without any assistance from science? Everyone who thinks otherwise has screwed-up core mores - right on General Pace!

-The lifestyle and practices of homosexuals can only be condoned by a society that has absolutely lost its moral bearings and has become too stupid to survive.

-The General has a right to believe what he wants! I believe it is a Filthy unatural act, and nobody can tell me what I can believe period.

-Homosexuality is unnatural. Pegs don't go into pegs and dump valves were never meant to serve as inlets. Only humans have learned to force themselves to override the natural functions of their bodies to suit their perversions.

-I agree with the general, Semper Fi!! As a Marine in the late 70's early 80's I had some homsexuals make advances towards me on the base. I did not appreciate it. Homosexuality is unnatural, and morally corrupting. God's word never changed. Sin is still sin.

There ya have it! Enlightening ain't it?

Some of you immoral homos might wanna consider starting a colony on the moon. I mean, with all the love in America as you can plainly see...


Todd said...

It does make you want to go somewhere else besides redneck America.

Crazy Eddie said...

I guarantee that those who responded and agreed are from the mid-western red states. It's no surprise that it's human nature to dog and ridicule something that's inherently intriguing; or in fact touches on something that may be buried deep inside their very own corrupted souls.

It's so pathetic how people find it comforting to place quick judgement on something they can't even begin to understand fully. How can they have a stance on something (anything) this profound when their IQ mirrors their age?

Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered people are the real heroes. It takes more guts to come out and be 100% true to who you are than it does to serve in Iraq, all the while pretending to be heterosexual.

Love ya WAT baby!!

Scot said...

To go with your picture of the general, this is from one of yuor other commmenter's blog pages:
God, it's funny.

As for "Some of you immoral homos might wanna consider starting a colony on the moon," reminds me of the premier episode of the Sarah Silverman Program when she thought she had AIDS. "If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a man with AIDS on the moon. Then, one day, we can put all poeple with AIDS on the moon."(paraphrased) That bitch is so wrong, but so funny.

Bill German said...

Do the math! Mr.Pace said those faggot remarks cuz the military is having trouble recruiting so to help make the quotas, He said that to attract all those 18yo straight boys that want to kill kill kill. That is my conspiracy theory. But it does make sense. Now get down and give me 20

Sebastien said...

It's fine for him to voice his opinion, but for someone in his position, well, it's not the smartest thing he should be doing. Maybe he should be focusing on his job rather than his opinions on homosexuality. Last time I checked we were fighting two wars, with a third possibly on tap...

Sebastien said...

And totally true about all the secrets, like we recently learned with that religious guy who was a total hypocrite, sometimes it's the most anti-gay, supposedly super moral people out there who are hiding the most stuff!

sttropezbutler said...

Worst of all is that it is all really just about distraction. How many people in this country think about anything more than the next cheeseburger anyway.

In an era of Paris and Anna, this crap doesn't surprise me.

Why would we want to talk about or deal with real issues when we can have the homohaters speculate about what a good time we all seem to be having.

Fuck em.