Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yeah, so I sat down to watch this movie called Proof, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Jakey G., and Anthony Hopkins. The premise of the film is that Hopkins has just died after leaving behind a brilliant body of work in the field of mathematics. Jakey is a big fan/student of the late professor and aspires to be as smart as him by analyzing many of the notebooks this mentally ill "Einstein" wrote during his lifetime.

Unfortunately, add Paltrow's character as the mentally disturbed/distraught and always whining daughter of the mathematician, and the picture is ruined! UGH! There was a love scene where Jakey's on top of Gwyneth The Hag and I almost heaved! NOT MY JAKEY, ESPECIALLY NOT ON TOP OF THAT WHINING SCREAMING BLONDE UNDESERVING OSCAR-WINNING BONY TROLLOP! Idda rather seen a different chick in the role, but hey, GwynHAG has to work because Hollywood has made her believe she is a great actress. We love Jakey G. though. He can never do no wrong! LOL!

I also watched the 1953 motion picture Gentlemen Prefer Blondes which was pretty entertaining and funny at times, including a very obvious (not back then though) gay musical number!
Jane Russell is a hoot and holds her own in the movie; an attractive, witty, and charming character she does indeed play. Of course, I say this because she co-stars with none other than the stunning movie powerhouse Marilyn Monroe, who is a vision to behold. Wow, was this bitch gorgeous or what?! The camera obviously loved Marilyn and I can see why she became such an icon. Her blonde bimbo demeanor is priceless in this movie, and her Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend number is the stuff of legend; influencing countless female entertainers to this very day like Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman.

And just recently, a new report that Monroe may have actually been silenced by Bobby Kennedy! This theory, and the one also linking JFK has been the stuff of rumor for years.




Dave Evanns said...

I do not understand why Gwennyth still gets roles, she is horrible!

Scot said...

I read the play of 'Proof.' It seems the dad was like the guy from Beautiful Mind, and the daughter was supposed to pouty and depressed, but yo udidn't know she was like her dad until the end of the play. She was also supposed to be 21 YEARS OLD which Gwyn cannot pull off. In fact the only 21 y/o she could pull off is that geeky TA from my biology class when I was in college. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the movie: I liked the play too much to ruin it with her.

Gavin Elster said...

I'm right there with you. I can't stand her. She cannot act. Her and Keanu Reeves should do a film together. (or have they?)

Sebastien said...

I really don't like Gwenyth. She really annoys me too. That bitch.

And Marilyn, oh yeah, she was beautiful, really stunning, and I loved her voice too. Haven't seen Gentleman Prefer Blondes though, gotta check that one out.

M- Filer said...

I can deal with Paltrow in movies like "The Royal Tenenbaums", where the role is completely over the top, but I can not take her seriously in any other kind of role, certainly not as seriously as she takes her self. Paleeeeze. I love the way Kathy Griffin fucks with her.

I saw "Proof" last year--Hopkins & Jakey were memorable, Paltrow was flat and yes..whiney.

Gregg O'Connell said...

Ya gwennyth is not the best actress!

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Crazy Eddie said...

Gwyneth ruins every film if you ask me. I think the only film she was passable in was the one where she had to wear that fat chick suit... (LOL can't remember the damn name).

As for Jake, I would lay him on his belly and rub my manhood between his cheeks until he begs me to turn him around and put his legs over my shoulders...

Sorry about getting explicit, I just had a Jakey moment.

Marilyn was and always will be beautiful. Her movies are classic and just looking at her... my God... she's the epitome of grace and glamour.

Love ya Wat baby!!


Mario said...

I liked Gwyneth in "Perfect Murder". I hated the movie proof. I thought it was bad independently of her. But I did see the play like 5 years ago, and it was so good, really good.