Friday, August 10, 2007


So I was chatting online with La Luna Negra at about 1:00AM early Thursday morn when we had a pretty good-sized 4.5 temblor here. A bit unnerving I must say, and hopefully not a foreshadowing of a larger quake to come, although it's to be expected that sooner or later, the ground will move here in California regardless.

Something quite odd and uncomfortable happened at work Wednesday. I like my co-worker Lacy a lot. She's very sharp and witty; reminds me very much of
Kathy Najimy in looks ya know? Turns out her husband showed up at our office and as she introduced him to me and I shook his hand, I was immediately not only struck by his good looks, but also by his shy and questionable demeanor. Ya see kids, my "gaydar" went off! And I don't wanna be accused of projecting my orientation on other dudes who are straight or married, but GOOD LORD MAN this guy was oozing a bit too much homo for comfort. It was kind of creepy and I almost felt bad. I never thought Lacy would've found such a damn hot husband! Even my other co-worker Joey who is straight was shocked and remarked, "Wow, he's a good-looking tall fellow, I expected her to be married to a shorter more plain-looking man."

What if Lacy doesn't know that her
George Clooney/Taylor Hicks hybrid husband might like the boys too? What if their 15-year seemingly solid marriage with two children is but a farce? He was rather effeminate mind you, but lots of straight dudes are girly right? I shouldn't jump to stupid conclusions I suppose, but the vibes this one sent to me were rather strong and very disconcerting. I do wish the best for Lacy regardless. Here's hoping my suspicions are wrong and that she doesn't find him some day sucking another dude's face/pipe like poor Alma Del Mar when she almost had a stroke watching Ennis liplocked with Jack Twist as he slammed him against the wall. YEESHA!

For those of you in LA, you know who
Hal Fishman was. He was a fixture on our local television news channel 5 here since the days of Moses walking the Earth it seemed. Well, poor Hal fell ill about a week ago, and it turns out he had advanced cancer and died earlier this week. Ya know, it sucks that as I get older a lot of the people I grew up with are gonna slowly start leaving to their next life. And so it goes. R.I.P. Hal. He was certainly loved by many here, as the condolences that flooded the KTLA website prove.

The love and condolences will also flood this blog I'm sure, when I finally die in the year 3185.


Todd said...

Well, since I will be long gone by the year 3185, I'll send my love and condolences now.

Junk Thief said...

Something is up -- twisters in Brooklyn, quakes in LA and Indonesia, the Dow is down. Maybe its the gods of reason telling Bush and Murdoch to get the hell out of town.

Oh, a co-worker like Kathy Najimy would be great fun. I'm always amazed that she does the voice of Peggy Hill on King of the Hill, the main reason to watch that show.

Gavin Elster said...

Hal was not loved by his coworkers. I listened to NPR's tribute to him and every person had a nasty little detail about Hal. After an hour or so it began to paint a very VARY nasty bigger picture of him. For instance:
Only Hal was allowed to speak for the first 8 minutes of the broadcast. Yes the co-anchor could say her name at the top of the show but Hal insisted no one else reported a news story from that desk for 8 whole minutes but HIM.
He also dictated the length of the video cut-aways. There was a time limit Hal imposed as to not cut away from him for too long.
I guess the most positive thing I heard about Hal is that he used his flying experiance during stories that involved air crashes. He was able to guess the cause of the air accident before the FAA reports were even started. He knew his aircraft.

M- Filer said...

I recently met the husband of a very nice but physically challenged neighbor...he was gorgeous, perfectly sculpted hot legs--he was wearing revealing shorts with lace up Grecian style sandals-- Cute cute face and gay as hell personality! His wife is a concert pianist and he is a piano tuner. Go figure. There is no chance in hell he is straight.

Your friends husband smokes pole WAT.

Crazy Eddie said...

Hope Lacy doesn't know about your blog... lol.

Anyhow, I'm sure the guy is probably straight (either that or he's really good at flexing his acting chops). Lot's of straight men have effeminate qualities (everything but sucking dick) but then you have the dudes who make a career out of being on the "DOWN LOW". I'm sure you've heard of that term before...

Gay and hot are usually synonymous with one another so I wouldn't be surprised if he is a MO.

Loved this post...

Besos para siempre

Gary said...

Wat, I clicked over to see the Alma clip from Brokeback and seeing it just for that brief moment RIPPED MY HEART OUT! It is so clear how much Jake's character loves Ennis. Take a look at his face after Ennis kisses him. Man, that movie really tore me up. The ending had me (and you too probably) sitting there crying and laughing because I was crying so much. Love will fuck you up every time.

durante vita said...

I want a picture of that husband.

Bill German said...

i am green