Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I was reading about the world's oldest living person that just died in Japan at the tender age of 114 years! WOW! They say this little old lady was very sharp and healthy till the very end, and simply died in her sleep. That sure sounds like the sweetest of all ways ta go right? Can you imagine?! She was born in 1893! GOOD GOD! GOOD HOLY DEAR GOD! That is long long long LONG AS HELL life. This is a list of the oldest living people and the oldest people to ever live period. Quite interesting!
And speaking of a long life, this wealthy giving generous lady named Brooke Astor just died too. She was 105 years old. She was a socialite and had lots o'dough man. The most interesting part of this is that she was married to John Jacob Astor's son, Vincent, hence the famous last name. John Jacob Astor was one of the very wealthy and famous victims aboard the Titanic. Rumor has it this poor woman had a crummy final few years or so as her grandson fought his dad (Brooke's only son) claiming that grandma was poorly being taken care of. Or just a way for those two to battle it out over the money?!
On a final note, Vice Prez Cheney is making headlines this week all over radio and other media due to this winning 1994 sound/video clip where he was once opposed to invading Iraq. Yeah, what a contradicting asshole indeed:

This is certainly a good piece to use in a trial against them (Bush and co.), huh?


Todd said...

I'm not sure about living to be that old. My granddad made it to 100, but was miserable since all his friends were dead and he had nothing much to do.

Eric said...

Bush and Cheney are pretty much contrary about everything. It's no surprise this surfaced.
Of course, he's ALWAYS been consistent (right back to Nixon days, I think) in his argument for a unitary executive.

Gary said...

I remain impressed with the homework you put into each post - insightful links, interesting artwork and thoughtful commentary. Plus, I learn a little something.

I added you to my blogroll baby so I can find you in the dark. ;)

M- Filer said...

My father is 90 and he's all for living past 100. Just consider the alternative! Haha. I hope I inherit the genes from his side of the family because youth springs eternal over there. My mother died at 59...20 years ago tomorrow as a matter of fact--on Madonna's birthday! It's a celebration of her life for me and not a morbid experience at all. ANYWAY, I always did like Brook Astor, and it was sad what hppened at the end. Merv Griffin too... so long you big 'ol queen.

alexgirl said...

I read about that oldest person in the world. That is CRAZY. I can't imagine living to be 114. That sounds terrible.

And The Beatles is an awesome choice. We were just talking the other day about how amazing it would have been to see them play in Shea stadium.

Emma said...

My LORD. I don't think I could go that long. I mean, knock on wood, I want a long full life, but I think I'd get lonely after a while. Maybe not, though. You never know.