Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm a bit behind getting around to some of your blogs my awesome good-looking fellow bloggers, but I promise to read them perhaps during work hours this lovely Monday morning! Yeah, I had a very nice weekend, watching more and more films of course!

My buds and I went to check out Mr. Bean's Holiday, and I gots ta tell ya, it had me laughing with gusto! Maybe it was that dirty raspberry martini I had at the bar a bit earlier to mellow me out, but boy did I enjoy the movie. Rowan Atkinson makes some of the strangest faces, and his eyes are very expressive; he's a real retarded hoot and does that physical comedy rather well, since our very own Jim Carrey and his brand of humor pretty much died out long ago. What struck me about this delightful little movie was how innocent and non-crude it was, and yet it was still funny. All the kids were in the theater and they were rather well-behaved I must say, even more so than my uproarious self just hollering at Mr. Bean's zany adventures in France. A must-see movie says moi, to git one's mind off those pesky bills and other responsibilities in life. WAY TA GO MR. BEAN!

Even more fascinating was this 2001 film made in Spain called Intacto. This is required viewing folks; what a mind trip awesome piece o' celluloid this was! I'd say a second or third viewing of this picture is required to really get deep into some of the complex parts. Mostly in Spanish, with some English spoken; the actors are all terrific and it even has that old Swedish legend Max von Sydow (the old man priest from The Exorcist) playing a wealthy lucky Holocaust-surviving Jewish man in the movie who owns a casino and...well, shit man, please get your grimy little hands on this fackin' film! It is very intriguing and wonderfully done. Kudos to Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whom I believe this year made his English-speaking film debut with that sequel 28 Weeks Later, which was highly praised by fans and critics alike.

Yes, Mr. Bean's Holiday at a theater near you, and Intacto on DVD! Got it?!


Junk Thief said...

Hmm, yes, I've noticed that 99.9% of my blog comments come between 9 to 5 weekdays. What is going on in all those cubicles around America?

I've actually never gone to see a Mr. Bean movie in a theater, since I seem to always luck out catching them on planes. Am I becoming a total prude, or have I come to really appreciate his fairly wholesome approach to humor? Gross out comedy just doesn't induce laughter for me. If people think fecal matter is a hoot, then just go to that little water closet at the back of the plane. It's a laugh riot.

Mr. Bean does seem to be a bit from another era or planet, and I think that's much of his appeal.

M- Filer said...

Check out "Color Me Kubrick", starring John Malkovich. Hysterical and campy as hell. Just saw it this weekend on DVD.

Emma said...

Guess what, WAT? Yes, that was nerdy. But I saw your (and MY) man Jake Gyllenhaal in PERSON this summer. He walked by me outside the general store. And I almost threw up with nerves.

Gary said...

Got it!

Todd said...

I've seen INTACTO, but it's been years ago. I do remember that freaky scene of them racing blindfolded through the woods. That was intense and suprising!