Monday, August 06, 2007


Yahooey my fellow Americans! I am feeling so upbeat and so awesome right now as I write this (my 606th blog post) that I almost wish this feeling would never end. I had me a very nice loving wonderful weekend spending it with my beloved bud soulmate watching DVDs and talking smack as we usually do.

Y'all saw that movie that came out back in 2000 called The Perfect Storm? Well, I'd never seen it mind you, and alls I can say is WOW! Based on a true story; a bit overly dramatic and over-the-top perhaps, but I felt as though I really was out to sea with dem poor fishermen. It was a bit long and slow to take off plotwise I suppose, but once those ocean waves start a'poundin' away, hold onto to yer hats and put on yer galoshes 'cause yer in for the ride of yer life! EEK! I guess some hurricane collided with another powerful storm off the coast of Massachusetts there back in 1991, creating an unholy out-of-this-world torrential catastrophic massive superstorm that ferociously ravaged the seas. The film takes many liberties to add to the suspense and stuff, but the special effects are first-rate and I found myself biting my nails and on the edge of my seat. Damn those fishermen boys aboard the Andrea Gail tried their best; they really fackin' did! Alas, am I giving too much away by telling y'all that those boys and that boat never made it back? Yeah, I cried. What can I say? Sap that I am. Note to self: never become a fisherman; I hear it's one of the most dangerous jobs! EF YOU MOBY DICK, JAWS, AND ORCA!

And it may be too late to catch the Transformers movie on a good big screen, but I gotta try for it this week! I hear the movie takes place in LA and has lots of rad visuals of the robots kicking ass! Imma maybe aim for a Tuesday night showing or something. I also gotta get to the theater and watch Matt Damon yet again in The Bourne Ultimatum. Wow, those first two movies were tremendously action-packed and I really believed Matt as Jason Bourne with those amazing martial arts skills and abilities; a true hot-as-hell assassin! Say what ya will about Matt and all those moles and his quirky nose, but he is one sexy MOFO! As handsome as his pal Ben AWFULLECK may be, Matt is hands down the superior actor and has chosen much better movie roles! The only good thing Ben ever really did was marry Jennifer Garner!
For the eternal child-at-heart within us all, ya gotta check out Good Boy! T'is a sweet little cheesy doggy movie for the kids, but come on, it'll make ya feel good and pure after all those violent flicks and hardcore porn movies most of YOU love to sit thru.

Ok, that includes me too.


Junk Thief said...

Much as I prefer Ben to Matt looks wise, I have to agree his a pretty bad actor or at least made bad career choices. However, I thought he was more than decent in Hollywoodland.

Todd said...

I don't remember THE PERFECT STORM, other than I didn't care much for it. Can't think of why now.
I must protest your assumption that we sit through hardcore porn movies. I don't. I usually fast forward to the good parts. I can't sit through a whole movie...too boring.

durante vita said...

Matt Damon is beautiful.

Gledwood said...

that's a LOT of blogging!

howzit going... i'm still in chaos... trying to be "organized" ... something i never think i shall EVER manage but ho-hum ...

hey have you seen my NEW BLOG??

worth an entertaining look

take it e.z.


Bill German said...

i wonder if matt and ben ever got it on when they were living together in glasell park(LA)? Now that would be hot

alexgirl said...

The Perfect Storm is one depressing ass movie! I liked it too, but I was expecting them to Hollywoodize the ending... I was wrong!!

I love Matt Damon. Yum.

laurenbove said...

I did not think I would like it, but Transformers was great. I really enjoyed it. Believe it or not, Ratatouille was pretty darned great too! I can't wait to see Matt Damon's new one. I have the other two on DVD.

Christopher said...

I saw the latest Bourne movie on Friday...go see it...great action/fight scenes...and Matt be lookin real good, yo!

Crazy Eddie said...

Not being the biggest fan of Matt Damon, I find it intriguing that I'm even interested in seeing it in the theaters.

I have to admit that most of my interest stems from that hot fight scene they show in the commercials where Matt's character is fighting that Spanish-looking dude.

My eye is on that particular actor. Is he Spanish? English?

Allz I know is that he's...


Besos Wat baby

Palm Springs Savant said...

Matt is at the top of my hottie list..well, next to Brad Pitt. But oooo la la how he makes me drool