Thursday, August 30, 2007


HOLY JACK LEMMON & TONY CURTIS IN DRAG BATMAN! You must have already heard by now about this pitiful old coot senator who was caught trying to go brokeback on a hottie undercover police officer in a bathroom stall at the airport! The actual event happened some three months ago, but was only revealed this past Tuesday. Republican Senator Larry Craig from the great big beautiful rustic state of Idaho has had a terribly conservative voting past against gay people, all the while living a "secret" lifestyle himself for years and years! GO FIGURE! Here's a ridiculous reenactment. WHAT?!! Anyway, his press conference denying it all is here. The full juicy police report and picture of the hot cop who caught him is here.

And here's just some of the comments from ordinary Americans:

-I don't have a problem with the fact that he's gay. I'm not gay myself but I have family members, and friends and acquaintences over the years, who are.It's his duplicity about it. I DO have a big problem with duplicity, both from personal aspect of it and the elected official aspect of it.I hate being lied to.

-Everyone should lighten up! I've been lmao at all the jokes about this creepy, old, pervy man. Jay Leno: "Senator Craig told his wife not to worry about having dinner ready for him, he's gonna wolf down a hotdog at the airport." *dies*

-Those who hate gays the most are usually gay themselves and repressing it to the point of self-loathing.

-Soliciting Sex vs Lying to get us into war. Which is worse??? Darn, I hate these moral dileminas

-It is time for homosexuals to get their own bathrooms. I don't even like using the public restrooms anymore because of these perverts.

-I just don't see what laws are being broken with cruising. Until these men have caused a serious disturbance, I don't see how they are breaking a law or hurting anyone. Having sex outside or behind a locked door of a bathroom is not hurting anyone. If no one sees a #### or buttock, then where's the harm? Knowing a couple is having sex behind a bush should simply mean you giggle and move on, regardless of what gender they are. Two consenting adults should be left alone

-I think this is absurd and every homophobe will be in the bathrooms thinking that a gay guy is in the stall next to them trying to hook up. Fearmongering again. Good grief. This homophobic society will be the death of us all.

-wow, I'll make doublely sure to not tap my foot in a public bathroom, or touch my stall wall, hell I'm just going to keep out of public bathrooms period and when I get a bladder infection, someone will be getting sued, isn't that how it works in America?

-May the Lord have mercy on this sick world!

-It's sad to live in a country where gays are trolling for sex in public bathrooms where kids are! Go on the internet or a gay bar if you are looking for that. It's disgusting how people can just meet a stranger and hook up no wonder AIDS is rampant.

-It's just sad to live in a country where sex is illegal.

-This is nothing new......these deviants have been doing this for over 25 years. That's why I never let my 2 sons when they were younger into a men's bathroom - ANYWHERE!!!!! You men are SICK!!!

-He’s lucky he didn’t get the crap beat out of him. But, then it would be a gay bashing hate crime. These folks on the hill are really disgusting.

-Do you’re business, wash you’re hands, finished, the whole bathroom ordeal should be over at most 5 minutes. Unless you are a Durky Lurky. ew.

-Craig clearly realizes the homosexual lifestyle is wrong. If these allegations are true, he should seek treatment.

-The Republicans are so far back in the closet, they're hiding in the shoe boxes. Soliciting sex in men's rooms, good lord. Well, I guess they're not exactly welcome down at the local gay bar, so that's where they go for their jollies. Ugghhh....

-Coudn’t he have just used Craigslist? You would think that he wouldn’t have much of a problem remember the name.

-Paging George Michael…

-Tapping toes=I want gay sex
Good to know.

-Have any of you ever thought about this? Or do you all just know a “cool gay guy at work” or have a “gay uncle” so they’ve decided, against common sense, to accept it. “Homosexuality” by definition relates to sex. And again, sex is a specifically designed (or evolved, if you must) act for reproduction. It’s not just some random coincidence, and that some people choose to use their reproductive parts in an act of non-reproduction on someone who could never use the… provided material for reproducing!

This guy is the one who started the ball rolling and wants all the hypocrite closeted gay men outed:


Pod said...

'...these deviants have bben doing it for over 25 years.....'

and the rest mrs!


Todd said...

Another death toll for the federal government. This is what the US boils down to.

durante said...

I think it says a lot about Republicans, those who are vehemently opposed to homosexuals and the reality that homosexuals won't go away.

I love it!

durante vita

Junk Thief said...

He's stealing Miss South Carolina's thunder on YouTube. Wonder if he can place the U.S. on a map? Hint: It's the country with Florida, the state that looks like a penis dangling from a glory hole.

alexgirl said...

ayayay. that reenactment is so ridonkulous! hahah!

Bill German said...

i dont even see what the big deal really is. i mean who gives a fuck.