Friday, August 17, 2007


Earthquakes are fascinating chaotic scary monstrous natural phenomena! And I'm on top of shaky ground too! YIKES!

Yeah, so Peru had quite a good quake Wednesday evening. 8.0 on the Richter scale! I cannot even imagine! I've lived through 6 pointers before here in Southern California, but not a quake that large, and last week's 4.5 was enough to scare the living crap out of me. We also had another small one today in the same area. Here's hoping the ground stays as stable as possible, but that may be too much to ask for here in Los Angeles, as they keep saying we are long overdue.

Some interesting earthquake footage for you. Nature is awesomely powerful ain't she?

-Peru's quake this week. First footage in a common apartment building as women pray and pray for the shaking to stop. It went on for a horrifying and long two minutes:

-An office in Lima, Peru where the employees did remain remarkably calm:

-1985 Mexico City Earthquake. The reporter is very calm, but thousands will die as this shaker happens live:

-I do remember feeling this one at school! Letterman having some fun at LA news anchors as the Whittier-Narrows quake here in LA happens live on October 1, 1987:

-The frightening and still powerful images from the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 up near San Francisco:

-The 1994 Northridge Quake here in my part of town:

-The worst earthquake in human history, the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake. A certified 9.1 that caused a tsunami so large and vast that killed some 300,000 people:

-The poor Japanese always deal with these suckers. A special effects film that shows a grim possibility:

-And last but not least, my poor beloved LA goes down in the 1974 classic disaster cheesefest, Earthquake:


Todd said...

Yep, those quakes are scary and freaky. Here we have the New Madrid fault... but in the midwest, it's more fear of tornados. Yikes!

Bill German said...

it will begin in the salton sea.

Christopher said...

what???...we've had some earthquakes recently?...I must've been sleeping...or ignoring the news...

MC said...

I think I live in one of the safest areas of North America... in the Great Lakes Basin.

-No Earthquakes
-No Hurricanes
-No Flash flood or Mudslides
-very limited Tornadic activity

And unlike Buffalo etc, we generally don't get blizzards either.

We do get the occasion ice storm though.

Pod said...

i just sat entranced watching tsunami videos on youtube....we are so very small. even you with your big


Gary said...

These video links should keep me busy for a while. Here I sit watching them while my parents mill about and I feel a tad guilty for not hanging with them at the moment. Still...good earthquake footage? It calls to me.

Gavin Elster said...

hey its like a compilation of mother natures greatest hits. Nice post.

Junk Thief said...

Isn't the New Madrid Fault in Missouri supposed to have the potential of being the most deadly were it ever to rumble? Not much retrofitting in Kansas City or St. Louis.