Wednesday, September 19, 2007


All ye who posted on my rant about America last time are terrific conscientious thinking citizens! Keep up the good work and keep America alive and freeeeeeeeeeeeee! Or at least, let's continue pretending and deluding ourselves okay? HEEHEE!

So much for freedom. I know this dude is kind of a geeky annoying little brat of sorts, but did it really merit him getting tasered while doofusly questioning John Kerry at the University of Florida? GOOD GOD MAN! I've watched this clip several times, and I just don't think it warranted him getting messed up like this! ARGH! THE POLICE STATE IS HERE! WHAT IS THIS, NAZI GERMANY?! DAS GESTAPO IST LEBENDIG UND WOHL!

Maybe I'm just pissed off and bitter at authority right now because I'd like to choke, run over, and/or clobber my indirect supervisor at work for being a royal evil bitch, but watch and read all about this over-the-top incident. I feel the university cops went too damn far. The news articles are here. More good info. is here.

The video clips of the tasering below and on the YouTube sidebar as usual:

Tasered student even has a silly "dating" video he made a while back:

What do you think?


Bill German said...

he just wanted attention. it was all a video stunt. Fratdudes gone wild.

Gavin Elster said...

He cut in line. He barged up to the mic.
He deserves to get tasered. Clearly. In fact he deserved to get tazered in the nuts for that.

What law did this guy break? The only charges I see against him stem from the police attacking him.

I hate more and more every day. Im glad the internet is here so I can vent otherwise I'd be getting my ass tasered too.

molly said...

arggg cant watch videos ont his computer
what happened? why did they taser him?

Todd said...

He was being a jerk about the thing and saw an opportunity to draw more attention to himself. I'm sure he didn't think they were going to tazer him, though.

Some of these college guys...

Junk Thief said...

He's geeky but almost cute. I kept imagining him making those screams and groans as I hit him with my own tazer. That dating video was helpful so I now know how many drinks to give him in order to make him do want I want.

Anonymous said...

Junk Thief has a very valid point.

He is kinda cute in a goofy way and I do want to taser him myself.

M- Filer said...

If the guy wanted an intelligent answer to his intelligent question (and it was a damn good question he was starting to ask), then he should have asked it intelligently. He was looking to create a spectacle and that's exactly what he did. IDIOT.

Calista*Was*Here said...

Hello again!

I guess I'll be regular guest here, be aware, I might take over, lol!

As for the dude, nothing serious, more like silly.

Take care, Wat!

Eric said...

Obnoxious? Hell yes. Taser-worthy? Hell no.
As was pointed out to me by a friend (Who does an amazing political podcast called Callbox7), tasers were introduced to help police resort to using extreme violence (i.e. shooting) potential problem people (I won't say criminals because this guy in particular committe no crime). However, since tasers have been in use, the number of times police have used their guns have remained the same and now more people are being tasered.
Win/win for the violent faction!