Saturday, September 22, 2007


At a fundraiser earlier this week, LA HILLARITA CLINTON called Vice-President Cheney none other than the evil half man/half machine dark lord of the galactic empire, the honorable and Mr. Dark Side Representative himself, DARTH VADER! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! That's kinda funny actually, but Hillary gets lots of criticism of her own of course, all the time.

Some rip-roaringly hilarious comments made by common folk about Hillary's recent jab at Cheney:

-she doesn't even realize that she's the evil one...

-I find her lack of faith..... disturbing

-Is this really newsworthy? She is such an attention whore.

-ok maybe im a giant nerd but darth vader was good turned evil turned good. cheney is just an evil face shooting republican

-Sounds like she's on her period

-I wish Cheney WAS Darth Vader, so he could crush Hillary's throat with the Dark Side of the Force. WE ARE SITH!!! The Jedi are religious fanatics a la Al Qaida.

-Is Darth bad? In the last episode, he was among the most loved and respected Jedi's - Yoda and Obi Wan :-)

-Does this mean Hitlery is Jabba the Hutt?

-At least if shes president...she will be sitting behind the desk in the oval office instead of under it like the other women did with the other president Clinton.

-I would much rather have Darth Vader on our side fighting the terrorists than Hillary. Darth could kill lots of them in short order. Hillary would just try to understand them and offer them free healthcare.

-You'd think these two would get along a little better considering that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian and so is Schrillary.

-...He may be Darth Vader, but if elected, she'll be the emperor(ess)...

-What does that make Bill? Dark Helmet???

-Hillary, I am your father.

-Cheney isn't cool enough to be called Darth Vader. He is just a mean ole white guy that would cut up your Nerf football if it fell in his yard. But I think hillary is a chump too.

-So why do felons vote democrat? Why do sex perverts vote democrat? Why do welfare whores vote democrat? Why do athiests vote democrat? Let's be honest, democrat party is the party for human garbage.

-Hillary...the wicked witch of the east...

-If the American people are stupid enough to elect this Marxist bitch they deserve the Orwellian fascist nightmare that follows.

-...Jabba-the Butt callin Cheney Darth Vader. ...Bill must be Jarjar Binks..."Me-ska hates-ska dat kuunt-ska!"

-It's impossible to imagine actually giving the keys to the kingdom to these Demoncats in a time when radical Islam is on the march. She is a turd.

-At least Darth Cheney has sex with his spouse. Old Hillary hasen't seen a dick in 20 years.

-Kobar Tower bombings, embassy bombings, lst WTC bombing, bombing of USS Cole and the clinton's did NOTHING about it. At least Cheney and president Bush tried! Thank hillary and her cheating husband for 9-11. They emboldened the terrorists. They are responsible.

-So let me ge theis straight....if Cheney is DART VADER that would make President Bush the....EMPEROR?? LORD SIDIOUS...what a bunch of crap coming from the Hypocrite herself. WHY ARE WE WASTING TIME ON REPORTS LIKE THIS WHEN OSAMA IS MONTHS AWAY FROM GETTING NUKES FROM PAKISTAN and IRAN IS DEVELOPING NUKES TO DESTROY AMERICA AND ISRAEL????? The world has gone MAD.

-He looks more like a tall Yoda to me.

-Hillary Rodham Clinton. Most Un-Impressive.

-You sheeple need to wake up. This is your sheepdog speaking. Hillary and Cheney are working toward the same goal. Enslavement of America. Look up Cheney, PNAC and his former position in the Council on Foreign Relations. Bill Clinton is also a member. Hillary has attended Bilderberg meetings. It's all a facade to focus our attention on something else while they sneak us toward world government. Ever wonder why these folks are trying to take your constitutional rights on a daily basis to make you safer?

-She just wishes she had mind powers like cheney does!!!

-Hmmm... adolescent, she is. Lose the election, she will.

-Wow I wish Cheyney was president. The death star would've wiped out the sand people by now.

-"MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU", Mrs. Bill Clinton.

-Remember. in the very end, Darth Vader was a good guy and everyone cried when he died. At least I did. I love Dick Cheney and Pres Bush@

-She is why a woman will NEVER be president.

-Perhaps she thinks she is being treated...unfairly? She is part of the liberal alliance and a traitor, take her away!

-I hope Hillary and all her supporters die tragically and violently.

-The majority of Americans, basically mainstream Americans, know a corpse lying dead in the street would do a better job running the country than the current president.

-We need Obama Wan Kenobi!

-Huck Fillery

-Not surprising. She seems to have the oratory skill of Chewbacca. And a big harry muff as well.


Palm Springs Savant said...

good post, as usual. love all the quotes WAT

M- Filer said...

Who are these people? Dick Cheney lovers! Yuk

Junk Thief said...

Even if she was on target, these attempts at jabbing humor always come back to haunt her. If a Republican male (which I'd include TG favorite Ann Coulter as a member) such a jab, they're just showing how tough they are. If Hillary does it, she's called mean, stupid, a whore, etc. etc. And, yes, Cheney does not deserve to be compared to a cinematic icon. Darth had a much better fashion sense and was voiced by an African American. That would really freak Cheney.

Calista*Was*Here said...

Politician MUST HAVE thick skin!

Otherwise, how to survive all that democracy?!


Todd said...

There are some scary, scary people out there. No wonder our country is falling behind. Some of these blatantly hateful remarks show the reason why.

Bill German said...

i just watched her on meet the press this morning. i like her as a person, she speaks well, she did give healthcare a shot back in 93, but actually made medicine worse. but a woman or a black man has a slim chance to win the vote. vanity of vanities, all is vanity, no get in the kitchen and bake me some brownies, biatch!