Friday, September 14, 2007


A run-down of current interesting issues:
-Iraq. Iraq. IRAQ! IRAQ! HOW MANY MORE YEARS WILL I HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS GOD FORSAKEN COUNTRY/REGION OF THE WORLD?! ARGH! Bush still defends the invasion of that shithole, we all wanna get out, but they're gonna do it gradually, and blah, blah, blah. It's all so horrid and annoying really. God help this country!

- In other news, this is kind of neat, but a bit on the creepy factor:
RICHARDSON, Texas (AP) -At 17 inches tall and 6 pounds, the artificial Zeno is the culmination of five years of work by David Hanson and a small group of engineers, designers and programmers at his company, Hanson Robotics. They believe there's an emerging business in the design and sale of lifelike robotic companions, or social robots. And they'll be showing off the robot boy to students in grades 3-12 at the Wired NextFest technology conference Thursday in Los Angeles.

Wow! Spielberg's movie A.I. is virtually a reality! Hollywood proves yet again that it isn't as far-fetched or out there as we may think! The articles are here.

-Did you hear about Hurricane Humberto? It went from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in the fastest amount of time in recorded history! YEEHA! Sure caught the Gulf Coast by surprise, and actually flooded a bit of poor New Orleans again.

-They're busting people in Kansas City, MO for having sex in public parks! What else is new?! The majority of offenders are men with men. BIG SURPRISE! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH! The video clip is short but here.

-I remember this television show fondly not only because it was so well-written and wonderfully acted, but because it somehow gave me the chance to live the late sixties and early 70's which I wasn't around for, but often feel I had a past life in. They're currently airing reruns on this cable network.

-Last but not least, pay attention to these clips I found! WOW! WHAT A TRIP MAN! The Beatles will forever be discussed and dissected ad nauseum! PAUL MCCARTNEY IS TRULY DEAD! OMG! Well, whatever, but this guy has made some amazing very well-produced and eerie clips called The Rotten Apple Series on YouTube. There's dozens of them by now I believe, but here's some for y'all to check out when you have some free time this weekend, and more on the sidebar of each individual clip at your leisure.


Pod said...

i'd rather have a wat doll anyday (except sundays of course, as i like to worship on that day...cough cough)


M- Filer said...

When the case for this war was being made, in 2002, I was shocked by how many Americans, even a few homos that I knew personally, bought the argument that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. It was like the fuckin twilight zone and I was living in the land of zombies. WTF! I have said this before, but it bares repeating, the whole fucking mess is the fault of all Americans for not stopping the occupation BEFORE it happened. H E L L O!

And then the fucker gets re-elected? Who did that?

Christopher said...

I want You...I mean I want a Zeno doll for Xmas...can you make that happen?

Scot said...

Robots are cool! No joke. Pretty soon you'll have a face with expressions to go with that flesh light....

Gavin Elster said...

Paul is not dead. That guy is a whack job. (coming from me that means the guy is pretty damn nuts indeed.)

Todd said...

But Iraq is the great diversion for us. It keeps us from looking at what's really going on in Washington, which is not much of anything since we don't have any real leadership....

Palm Springs Savant said...

If Zeno is anatomically correct that could be interesting~

Junk Thief said...

That clip from Kansas City reminds me of similar stories from there when I was young. The tone has shifted slightly and in some ways is even more offensive. "We're not focusing on any particular type of sexuality." Sure, right. But then the announcer has just previously announced with mock horror hat the cops are catching "men having sex with...OTHER MEN!!!"

Okay, a good reminder of why I could never live there again.