Monday, September 24, 2007


Did any of you catch that silly Star Wars spoof episode of Family Guy last night? I thought it was pretty clever and entertaining, but then again, I sometimes get entertained by watching bread toast so THERE!

Fall is here! The autumnal equinox has arrived! YEEHA! This is my favorite season of the year bar none! The weather's getting cooler, certain trees here in LA are losing their leaves, traffic is still a congested nightmare, my sex drive is just as healthy/perverse as ever, my favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner, and the time has come to watch all kinds of interesting horror movies/ghost haunting shows on cable! WOOHOO! ¡Viva el otoño! Um, that's Spanish for, "Long live autumn!" Ahem. If only autumn weren't ruined by that upcoming turkeymurderfest bore of a holiday Thanksgiving! UGH!
So I was at a fast food joint this weekend, and I saw these really young thuggy-looking Latino dudes who were prolly in their early teens eating away all the delicious unhealthy junk a restaurant like this has to offer, and I could not believe the size of these kids! I am very lucky to be thin in this life, but also alarmed at the obesity rates in America! It really is a problem, and these kids I saw are proof! WHOA! Dat ain't just the tacos, enchiladas, or burritos your madre makes at home man; there's some serious extra overeating going on here!

I also started watching PBS last night and their new documentary by Ken Burns called The War. Yeah, yet another damn look and thorough ANALysis of World War II, but let's face it, everything about that war still fascinates man! The cruelty and bloody mass killings which left some 60 million people dead! Hitler and Hirohito almost took over the damn world! EEK! Thank God for the good ole' United States back then!

As for America now? EEK! I had a scary dream/vision of a terrorist nuke going off at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena! How comforting right? Nukes are bloody cool and fascinating, but unfortunately terribly destructive.

On that obvious and happy note, CHEERIO!


Todd said...

Yeah! Halloween!! TIme to decide on a costume.

M- Filer said...

You should watch "24"! I am a hopeless addict. I think you will love it WAT.

Gavin Elster said...

I got 10 minutes into Family Guy and turned it off. It was possibly the worst Star Wars parody I've seen in years. I'll watch anything if its got a Star Wars theme but that was terrible. I'm a fan of Family Guy too and this one was pure garbage , or at least the first unbearable 10 minutes were the most unfunny TV ive seen in years.

alice said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year also. Clean, crisp air and lots of colors - don't you love the smell of a wood fire on those nights????

If a nuclear weapon goes off in California, I hope it detonates near me. I don't want to be left behind to deal with the aftermath. It would only go seriously downhill from there. Let's hope all that doesn't happen!!

Calista*Was*Here said...

Hello Wat!

I don't like time of a year when I have to heat my house, But California is different than the place I live.
So I let u and your autumn optimism to overwhelm me:)

There are fascinating things about WWII, but...

Did we learn something?!

Bloodthirsty history comes around...

Optimistically, let's go 4better life! At least, healthier food:)


Junk Thief said...

Overweight young Latino dudes at a Taco Bell always freaks me out. Like, didn't you learn about real food from your mama? Wait, what am I doing there?

Gary said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season. I love the new pictures on the blog for Halloween.

Off to bed now. Nighty night rabbit.

Bill German said...

yeah, family guy is now overtaking the simpsons as the best animated flick. and yes the star wars episode was super clevahhhh