Friday, October 17, 2008


With a title like that, ya just can't go wrong with this blog post! OR CAN YOU?!

There he was, proud of his two political bumper stickers on the freeway the other day as I drove on my way home from work. McCain/Palin said one. The other even more offensive sticker was the YES on PROP 8 with the drawing of the he
tero family and the kids. I tried to look at who the driver was, and I could barely make out a white man wearing shades through the slightly tinted car windows. What a putz! He has a right to his opinion I suppose, but STILL! Even worse was me getting home from karaoke Tuesday night only to find that one of my neighbors has put out a stupid ass lawn sign in support of the anti-gay marriage measure. I ask, I ask, may I just yank that shitty thing off and throw it away, or would I be violating private property laws? Can I just walk up to it with a lighter and set it aflame? I'd like to just kick it, and stomp on it like some angry King Kong-type beast! Humans are so divisive, so hurtful, so beyond logical comprehension sometimes. Why must you display such a horrible thing for others to see? Keep that kind of garbage to yourself huh? Vote how you want to in private, but don't rub it into our faces how much you wanna gloat about yer views in that narrow-minded diarrhea-infested cranium of yours.

UPDATE: I did try to pull out the deeply embedded-into-the-soil sign out late Wednesday night, but ended up merely crumpling the plastic sign quite a bit, only to find it fixed up, and displayed again yesterday morning. I hate to even waste my time on something so trivial really. I'll just let it be. Vandalizing a sign is lowering myself really, and does not change how people will truly vote in the end, but as one lesbian on a bulletin board said, that sign is hurtful and makes one feel like a Jew that has just seen a swastika.

Hey, I'm fed up with having to pay bills and other services so damn often! LOL! I know life is not free, but JAYSUS! From the time we are born till death due us part and even thereafter, it seems like we're constantly in debt! We always owe money to someone/somebody. What a trip! The system is set up for us to constantly slave away at something to make ends meet. Well folks, your precious little capitalistic system is falling apart. We work and work and work just to get a measly paycheck, and it's just not cutting it anymore. Remember when one income was enough back in the day to support an entire household? HA! Try that nowadays! Nearly impossible. The country as a whole is witnessing the truth about the whole thing: we can't afford our lives, are in terrible debt, live beyond our means, and have struggled long enough. T'is why the economy is in shambles. Americans for the most part are good honest hard-working people, but the system is increasingly being set up for us to fail. And failing we are...

Madonna must be utter hell to be married to. The fact it even lasted this long is shocking. The British press is loving every minute of her confirmed divorce, down to the very last detail. Remember, there is no negative press for this woman; she'll milk it for what it's worth, despite the pain.

Congrats to the other crazy pop star who just won't go away! Her new song is a big #1 hit:

Happy weekend everybody!


dit said...

Those signs bother me too. We had one ass put one up in his office window here at work. HR made him take it down. I hope Californians see past all this, as they do many times. Perhaps not this.

Yes, debt. How crazy is it that the Communists own the Capitalists? The US owes China so much money, they in fact could take Texas and not much we could say about it. lol

All this stuff is enough to drive someone to

have a great Weekend. Try not to think about all this mess. I plan on it.

M- Filer said...

"truth about the whole thing: we can't afford our lives, are in terrible debt, live beyond our means, and have struggled long enough."

You got that right sister. UUgggh. It is depressing, I just want to go live in cave on a mountain-- A well appointed cave, with recessed lighting.

That video of Britney looks soooo 80"s. O L D S C H O O L

Pod said...

i've had it with madonna. i used to think she was great, and now she's just cheap and hanging on to something she ain't got no more. she could have grown old gracefully.
who cares?
as long as you have a great weekend. that's all that matters

Conclave27 said...

LOL technically the "Prop 8 and the yes media" is racist and hurtful. Change the word gay to "black" and watch the blood fly.
Of course we are being discriminated, and what is worse the ad campaigns are nothing but hate and fear mongerring of the christians. You have every right to vandalize such a sign, if the good old stars and bars can be taken down... so can these "yes on families" signs. If I cannot fly my confederate flag proudly, why should I tolerate these stupid anit-gay hate stuff.
My fellows gays are to passive, if we areto be treated as third class citizens, then we should not have to pay into the system. I would urge us to have laws to exempt of from property tax and benefiting the school districts. The tax would be considered "forcing heterosexulaity on our community". If Prop 8 passes it can open up an ugly can of worms and we should use that against the state.

Amadeus said...