Monday, October 20, 2008


A dramatic weekend for me.

I was helping a friend with a bit of a medical emergency on Saturday afternoon, and while he was getting checked/treated, I casually parked in what I thought was a safe parking spot right next to Jerry's Deli. I was a bit hungry too, and decided to stroll on into the place and have myself a nice, but very expensive meal. What seemed to be a pretty nice evening on my own in beautiful West Hollywood turned into a real shitty deal as I walked back out to my car only to find it getting towed! TOWED! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My heart sank, and I ran up to the tow truck dude begging, pleading, and trying to understand why my sweet little simple car was getting taken! The two stupid signs (one on the meter) and the other sky high read: NO PARKING TOW-AWAY THURS-MON 6PM-6AM. I stupidly and dyslexically read it as MON-
THURS! ARGH! My beloved came to rescue me and along with my sick bud who'd been discharged, we went to the towing place to pick up the car. A whopping $184 to get it out. I was livid, depressed, and felt totally defeated. To add insult to injury, the City of West Hollywood had also tacked on a $65 ticket to my windshield. Can you believe these crooks? I cried in anger and disgust not just at my own ridiculous mistake, but more at the exorbitant/egregious amount charged! You'd have thought I axe-murdered 5 people or something. I mean, WALL ST. assholes and bankers have gotten better treatment. Look at the AIG dudes who got to go on a retreat, even as the company they managed was folding and coming apart! Oh well, as long as I'm alive and decently well I suppose. BUT STILL! I've read/heard reports that they deliberately make parking signs confusing to dupe people into getting nailed. And BOY DID THEY NAIL ME. And not in a good way!

Much MUCH more happened this past weekend, but fuggedaboutit. Ya know, as much as I
admire and study Spanish culture, it bothers me that they're so into bullfighting. They had a piece on this last night on 60 Minutes. It's a big tradition in Spain as the world knows, but I don't like what they do to the bulls. The matador's costume is really cool and all, as are his really gay moves, but it bugs me that the poor animal is slayed like that in a ring for others to witness and applaud! It's quite barbaric if you ask me. I almost get pleasure in seeing the matador get gored sometimes, as I do when one of those idiot runners gets messed up in Pamplona. I mean, these animals don't really have a chance most of the time, and when they do dig their horns into someone's thigh, it's almost sweet revenge against these inhumane people. I'm not some crazy PETA person or strict vegetarian, but I believe animals deserve better treatment than this. If I were to ever go to Spain, I'd have to refuse to go to a bullfight. I'm sure it's a fascinating spectacle and all, but I just couldn't watch the poor animals die like that. The debate on this though is not settled.

Anyway, my week starteth off. I'm really liking the new song by The Killers. No official video yet, but here's the track anyway. Enjoy:


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm with you on the cruelty to the bulls, especially in an otherwise very progressive, tolerant country such as Spain. It's banned in Catalonia and other areas. But, oh, those matadors! Keep them prancing around in the ring and let the bulls have a rest.

Conclave27 said...

What is even funnier is the "running of the bulls" and when these idiots get gored or tramlped by a bull. People are really stupid, and bull fighting is just a display of animal cruelty. If a matador wants to strut his stuff, put the **ucker in the ring with another matador and let them fight to the death.

Sorry to hear about the Ticket though, those signs in West Hollywood are tricky. Plus the pretentious assholes who live there have made it impossible for any public parking anywhere.

A Lewis said...

Just last night I had to turn off a bull fighting program. Can't do it. Don't like it. Oh, and be more careful with that parking thing, would you?

M- Filer said...

$250.00 for parking in the wrong place for a few minutes? That S U C K S! Sorry charlie.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I completely feel your pain regarding the whole parking fiasco ....have had the same thing happen to me!

matadors yes. bullfighting no!!

Amadeus said...

Yeah you thought the guy getting ass fucked by the horse was animal abuse, so Im glad that you think tis is. altho you dont have to be a vegetarian to notice this cruelty.. please! are you saying only we can see this because of our magical powers? lol!

I had to LOL when you wrote that you get pleasure when the guy in the tight pants gets gored. LMFAO!!!


Todd said...

Maybe you could argue the towing and ticket by claiming the sign wasn't clear enough for those handicapped, dyslexia being the handicap. Then you could sue the city.

Gary said...

Sorry you hear you got nailed (and not in a good way). This type of anger can really consume you if you let it so it's best to forgive yourself for your mistake and forgive the assholes who set you up. It is behind you now. The same with bullfighting. It makes me angry/upset that 'humans' can get such delight from the cruelty but my stress over this isn't changing anything. I'm careful to pick my battles and focus on the things I have some semblance of control over.

And who is your beloved? Did I miss something? I think I need to catch up.