Wednesday, October 01, 2008


The current economic crisis can be rather scary and demoralizing, but I offer you this bit of hope: The United States recovered from The Civil War and became even more industrious and prosperous at the dawn of the 20th century. Then came The Great Depression of the 1930s, and the monumentally glorious FDR years which took us through WWII, to victory, and to the unparalleled status of superpower. The U.S. has been through difficult times before; there’s no reason to believe we can’t survive this now right? EEK! Yes WAT, but we used to have real leaders back then and not all this rampant political corruption or tremendous debt. I’ll try and not to be a cynic about all this mess, and just pray/hope that this country will recover somehow. So what if we don’t rule the planet as the world’s supreme power after all this is said and done? I mean, the British seem to be doing just fine, even though the sun hath set on their empire long ago. Who would step up to the plate to lead anyway? China? I mean, please! So they recently hosted the Olympics and sent men to space this past week. Big deal! They still have tons of starving people, pollution problems, poisonous toys, and tainted milk! LOL! It’s okay America! We’re just too cool to go down in flames like this! After the entire government is revamped and cleaned out, we shall overcome and rise again! RIGHT?!

I’ve been hating the government all week, but now my wrath moves on to the executives in charge of these failed miserable banks and other financial institutions! How can these assholes walk away with these big fat paychecks after messing up their employees, the stockholders, and the American people in the process?! It’s just wrong I tells ya! To get rewarded so handsomely for doing a poor leadership job is beyond comprehension! Listen kids, capitalism in this form cannot persist. We’ve been fooled into believing that we can do whatever we want and that our dreams are achievable through hard work and determination, but it’s bullshit! There are tons of traps set up to make the common working man/woman fail and for supervisors and bosses to get all the glory and the nice paychecks! It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know, and how good an ASSKISSER you can be to move on towards the top. How well can you blow yer boss' dick basically to get ahead! This has gone far too long, and now look at the mound of caca we find ourselves in! These CEOs need to be reprimanded, investigated, and arrested if need be! GREED is not good! NO!

O.k. Enough of my political socioeconomic ramblings. October is here! Halloween, my fav holiday is just around the corner! 1408 is a good creepy effective horror film! Give it a try! John Cusack is so underrated, but a consistently good actor.


A Lewis said...

It is odd to think of this globe without the US. Who would lead in various sorts of thing? Who would do this or that? What would things look like?

Conclave27 said...

In all honest do we need the U.S. as a the world leader? No.
If sci-fiction has taught me anything is that one day we will need to come together as some sort of planetary government, but until then we should respect one another culture, ideal, and political pont of view. The U.S. way is not the best way for the world.

If the U.S. falls, then it falls. That what it get for trying to be the world police. It is none of our business. So many what ifs, so what. The U.S. has interfered in the political govenments of central america for decades.

We already have a model that attempts to reconcile world problems, the U.N. (unfortunately a useless orginization with no real power). Our shared ideal are found with many of our allies in europe. I think if the U.S. stepped back the world would be a better place.

The European Union needs to become a more cohesive body and deal with Russia and the formers states of the USSR. The Unites Arab states need to police themselves, and I hate to say if Isreal is destroyed so be it (I am sorry that land belongs to the palestinians).

America itself needs to stop investing in other countries and start fixing itself. No more wasted aid to African nations (Christian Networks are doing it and the Red Cross, let take the politics out). Let us as a nation concentrate on figuring out answers to problems of renewal fuel, let keep or promise to the enviroment. It is emberassing that the European Scientific community can come together and create the worlds largest atomic smasher, and the U.S. only contribution is in sports and entertainment. We need to build a stronger report with China, we ourselves have to swallow our pride and become friends. As they say you always become friends with the biggest guy in school, and the US is not the popular kid on the globe... so you do the math.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think American became doomed when they let the mexicans cross over the border in droves. I have a different vision of America's future, when it eventually gets overtaken by south america and renamed "New El Salvador".

Thank you.


Todd said...

My boss doesn't have a dick to blow. And I'm not turning straight to get ahead...

Gary said...

Wow, heated discussion huh? I'm with you on the injustice of giving these big bosses a huge paycheck while at the same time crying for help. It just seems so wrong. But, karma will take care of all that. Keep striding along and doing your best. Set the proper example - as you see it - and go on.

BTW - you haven't updated recently the progress on your teaching tests and such. Anything happening there?

Christopher said...

Man, you have got some seriously sharp and well-educated readers on this here blog...I'm jealous!

I mean, I had no idea that Mexicans were from El Salvador, and on top of that, I always thought that El Salvador was in CENTRAL America and not SOUTH America.

Thanks for setting me straight "W"!

sophia said...

Whoaahhh these comments make me feel intimidated.

And I agree about John Cusack. I love him in all the movies that he's done...and he used to be cute before he got old especially in Say Anything.