Thursday, October 30, 2008


Election Day is almost here! OH MY GOD! The moment where we're made to believe that voting really counts/matters! LOLOL!

Obama wil
l take California for sure, even though I'm not voting for him. I get chewed out all the time for even admitting this, but whatever. Sorry, I'm just not all head over heels in love with your "Jesus" and his consistently annoying message of "CHANGE." UGH! Please! He is the lesser of the two evils however, so if you are voting for him, then good. But this blind messiah-like worship of the man is a bit scary! You'd think he can walk on water! Obama has to really prove himself in his first term, for me to even consider voting for him into a second one. I'm just being cautious. I apologize. I just want my conscience to be clear, just in case Obama has secret ties to evil space alien clowns that he's going to let fly in and blow up America. HAHAHAH! I like him, he's charming, and seems capable, but I can't quite put my finger as to why I am not entirely convinced by him. My intuition just keeps telling me that there's something shady and off balance here. I hope he proves me wrong, and really does "CHANGE" this country for the better.

Just a few hours till Halloween, and I still have no costume! DAMNIT! I k
now I'll come up with something cool though. I just know it. Hopefully I'll have pics of myself to post up on Saturday. There's always something to pick out of my closet, but I think I need to go shopping tonight for a wig or a hat of some sort. The madness of waiting till the last minute I know, but that's my style: PROCRASTINATION. UGH! West Hollywood (which so kindly towed my car and gave me a horrific parking ticket not long ago) will have its annual Halloween carnaval, and it should be extremely packed with humanoids. I mean, the fact it'll be on a Friday and the added energy generated by Tuesday's election with Proposition 8 is sure to have crowds there close to one gazillion people. Parking and traffic will be an utter nightmare of epic proportions. DARN! I WANNA GO! But I will most likely stay away, to avoid being crushed in a stampede or something.

How come I had never heard of this horror film until my co-worker mentioned it to me today? Sounds pretty interesting. I know many of you suffer from coulrophobia, and I guess I do a bit, but I still happen to kinda like these movies dealing with these creeps. A most disturbing horror flick I saw recently was the Australian import called Wolf Creek. I warn you, it is very unsettling.



J-E-N said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE!! I know with politics we are often left with the "lesser of two evils" but this election? Come on...we didn't have anybody better then this? OH! WAIT! We did and her name was Hillary...

Conclave27 said...

Well politics is politics. Its a dirty business, and I do not want to BHO win. I know it will be a ryut one way or another, or worse as a bludbaff willing surely occur by some group wanting to set things right (Mispelled on purpose...booyahkasha on your key words Mr. G-man).
As far as scary clown movies there is a ton of good horror movies out there. You'd be surprised at the B-movies that will scare you silly. As for mysef, WeHo is out cause of the millions people who will remind me how alone I am and how different and abnormal one such as I is. I just gonna stay in and hsoe kids off of my property.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

well since california is going for the O man I won't give you shit..... of course I strongly believe we each have to right and duty to vote for whomever our 'heart' and 'mind' tells us to vote for.

obama ain't no jesus...however, compared to the knucklehead who has been president for the last 8 years, it is understandable that some folks might get confused!

look forward to finding out what you settled on in terms of your costume - and seeing pics!


Palm Springs Savant said...

WAT- Hope you have a Happy Halloween. It pride weekend here in Palm Springs, so it will be tons-o-fun-in-the-sun!

Bill German said...

way to many cops and straight people in weho. The thrill is gone