Friday, October 10, 2008


Greetings! How's that stock market doing?! YIKES!

I wanna talk about someone who has achieved lots and done much more with his short life than my sorry ass! I've talked about him before; this entrancing, endearing, enthralling actor by the name of BEN FOSTER. Ben used to have a role on Six Feet Under, which I have never watched but everyone swears is the greatest show in history. I first noticed Ben in the last X-Men movie where he played that dude that had wings and could fly I believe. He looked adorable there, but then comes 3:10 to Yuma and WOW! What an evil psychotic sexy cowboy Ben played in that movie! He was equally as insane in Alpha Dog, and really creepy in 30 Days of Night. Ben is just plain sexy! He dates Zoe Kravitz, the very pretty daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. I wish Ben a long and fruitful acting career, and he's already proving himself very nicely thank you.

Here in California, we have the kooky phony Christians fiercely promoting a YES vote on Prop 8, which would overturn
gay marriage as it legally stands in the state right now. They want to "protect" marriage by clearly designating it as a union between one man and one woman in our state constitution. Let's be real people! The damn thing is gonna pass with flying colors! LOL! Gays and lesbians are trying desperately to get a NO vote, but the opposition is strong, and gay marriage will be overturned I'm afraid. Ya know, it is hurtful to be so despised, but I've come to accept it as fact. Sometimes I actually cry over silly shit like this, and wonder how people can be so hateful and send me instantly to hell for something I honestly did not choose to be, but oh well. God said so right? Heterosexuals are truly righteous and will go to heaven; they constantly have broken marriages, domestic violence, perpetrate the majority of child abuse, overpopulate the planet, and are the ones in power bringing down the country and the world with them in an economic collapse of epic proportions! The pearly gates await ye all for such a fine job. Bravo! On top of that, it is because of straight people that gays exist! They're able to reproduce correct? IF U WANT NO MORE FAGS AND DYKES, THEN STOP HAVING CHILDREN. Thank you to Brad Pitt and other heteros though, who do see the light and have donated money to oppose Prop 8. You are good-hearted people.

There. I feel much better. I'm going to have a tremendous weekend now. And so should you. Imma leave ya with these awesome whiteboys and their rad song/video:


Conclave27 said... has some interesting comments about this. Once comment I felt that stood out, was State Constitutions were made to protect rights and freedoms, not restrict and take them away. Such a legal precident, if this passes will have ramifications.
I personally think if the state and the people of California really pass this, then we as gays should retaliate. On property tax, why should we pay for School Districts? We are not breeding. Why should married couple get compensation for having children and being married? Seriously, if we are being treated as third class citizens, less then illegals, then we should fight back. I mean fight back hard with a vengence.

Amadeus said...

Well its not like either one of us really wants to be married, or believes in it.. LMFAO... but if a gay couple wants to get married, and for some ODD reason, they believe that it helps their relationship, they shouldn't be told that they can't.

I guess its just so STRANGE to conditioned straight folk to wrap their minds around the idea. The idea that they cannot fathom... the concept concerning why people would be attracted to their own sex. Imagine putting yourself into the body and mind of a hopelessly conditioned, religious idiot, heterosexually blessed, naively programmed dolt.. unless you can think outside of the box, unless you have some gay or bi relatively to help you out with this concept.. unless.. unless..

Oh lets face it, these morons don't have any imagination!!!!

Amadeus said...


no on 8!

Amadeus said...

that was a typo, dammit, not 'RELATIVELY' I mean RELATIVES garrr!!

Amadeus said...

Have you had your fiber today?

Amadeus said...

I can't believe this site ACTUALLY lets you upload your pic from your computer now.


the sky is falling!

Obama will be president and then king!

Todd said...

That's so weird. I was getting my hair cut yesterday and the barber and I were trying to remember Ben Foster's name. We got to talking about 3:10 to Yuma and neither of us could think of who that was.

Thanks WAT! Now I'll know for the next time I get my haircut.

Gary said...

You haven't seen Six Feet Under? Fie, for shame.

Anyhoo, Ben was super duper on SFU but I didn't think he was all that in the looks department. That changed with X-Men however. I didn't see those other movies.

I heard that gay marriage passed in Connecticut yesterday. That's good news. Progress is being made. A bit.

alice said...

I'm so sorry, Will, that the haters have hurt you and caused you pain. They hate what they fear and do not understand. None of us mere, unworthy mortals are in a position to judge, or say what is right and wrong. So many forget that.

Do you love this autumn weather?? It's gorgeous today. Have a great week-end, Will. xo

RAD said...

Ben Foster makes my heart go thump....thx for putting him bak on my radar....You need watch 6ft when you get the time-- its a good one for a marthon weekend in bed just watching it....

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Proposition 8 might win this time, but I'm convinced that it will eventually be overturned. There are plenty of haters out there, but assuming they will win assures that they will win. I'm not a complete optimist, but old age has convinced me that change does finally happen.

Bill German said...

and yes jesse james is rotting in the santa barbara jail. i would do ben foster