Friday, October 03, 2008


Big business greed won today! The second version of the criminal bailout passed the House just a few hours ago. Some $800 billion of our tax dollars to "help" keep the U.S. economy "afloat" just a little bit longer. They had the nerve to add even more junk to it, like these ridiculous tax breaks! It's outrageous and horrifying! But you cannot stop the inevitable with this stupid ass plan folks! It will crash! OUR ECONOMY IS GOING TO CRASH! Unless they give we the people the money to help us with our debts, but they're not going to do that of course, so just enjoy it all as much as you can a little longer, because la mierda is not just gonna hit the fan, it's gonna knock the whole damn thing to the floor, electrical chord and all! This kind of sad scenario is going to be more common I'm afraid.

I listened to/watched the ludicrous VP debate last night. That self-righteous "moral" ice sheet inhabiting washed-up beauty queen Sarah Palin started off seemingly well, but quickly deteriorated. She kept blabbing, ranting, and couldn't have been
any phonier. When asked if she supported gay rights, the bitch was literally gritting her teeth and trying to remain composed, but I could see she just hates homosexuals period! Did anyone else notice this? Her belief that she will inherit the keys to the heavenly kingdom, blind this loser at all costs; she's part of that Christian Right group of mean people that helped get George Bush Jr. into office again in 2004. Biden (180 gleaming white teeth and all) was much more composed and classy, but could've attacked and socked the queen a little harder than he did. He was much too nice, and was probably told to keep it cool, and let her make a fool out of herself, which she effectively did. Regardless, I don't believe in any of these people in the end to be honest. The Democrats and Republicans have got us into such a terrible mess, that it doesn't really matter which fiesta you choose. I will vote third party. Call it a wasted vote. Whatever. It's my damn right. The cynic in me is seething. I am a nobody who can only do so much to protest I suppose, and this is my simple way to do it.

There's a lot more to discuss and blab about, but you and I got a weekend to live through and try to enjoy right? I apologize if my blog has all of a sudden become some overly political boring sideshow, but I can't avoid talking about what is going on in this AWESOME COUNTRY right now! LOL!

Watch as this witch Sarah Palin pretends to like gay people, but she doesn't really, and actually doesn't do a very good job of hiding her true utter disgust and hatred of fags. She actually says she is tolerant! HOW LAUGHABLE! Watch:


Anonymous said...

Fuck the caribou bitch!!!

- Wolfie

alice said...

I understand the political theme in your blogs lately - we have been inundated with this information in every form of the media. But truthfully, it's all beginning to give me a royal headache. I think I'm going to write in Bill Cosby on my ballet.

Have a great week-end, Will!!

marxsny said...

When she was desperately trying to implore that her family is made up of people with diverse beliefs, all I could hear was "we are a bunch of gay basshing rednecks, but you are stupid, so please vote for us"

Bill German said...

greed is bad

Conclave27 said...

Try this Sarah Palin Anti-Gay stuff from Youtube from a LGBT group.

Pod said...

it will be interesting to see how things unfold.
i hope you can remain in a happy and safe bubble

sttropezbutler said...

We just have to rock the vote.

All of us.

I'm scared. Have been for months and this isn't doing my blood pressure any good.



Amadeus said...


I am still dreaming of the moose going tribal trials of life on Palin.. it has become my fantasy...

Gary said...

You should have added a "Discuss" after that post title.