Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Ringo Starr no longer wants to deal with fan mail? He says he has an awfully busy schedule, and does
not want to be signing or reading anything anymore. I mean, as the least talented of the most legendary musical group the world has ever known, that is awfully presumptuous of him! Say it ain't so Ringo! What gives man? You were supposed to be the most accessible, the friendliest, the most down-to-earth of all of the Beatles. Now in your late 60s, you sound like some bitter, uppity, conceited has-been! I'm a bit disappointed I suppose, but what do I know about being a celebrity and getting fan mail right?! There's more on Ringo retiring from pleasing his fans here. Oh, and here as well. What do you think?

I'm so painfully accustomed to city living, that the idea of having to rough it, even for a weekend of camping is not my idea of fun. Yeah, live a little WAT! I'm spoiled bey
ond repair, and sometimes that makes me feel very inadequate. What would happen were there to be some big earthquake in LA., God forbid! I better get to storing food and water man! I don't know the first thing about growing my own plants or hunting animals! In watching the masterful, tremendous, and enlightening movie called Into The Wild last night, I was reminded of how brave and courageous the main character Christopher McCandless was in giving up his once comfortable civilized life to go and just live out in nature like a Native American. Or was he just plain stupid? A powerful film this is; highly emotional and full of lessons. A must see! Terrific acting here and way ta go director Sean Penn! Would you just walk away from yer comfy home, your friends/family, and stable job to selfishly live out in nature to find yourself? Don't answer that Bill.

And for Halloween, ya gots ta get your hands on the DVD Dead Silence. Effective, creepy, non-gory, and full of twists that keep ya glued to the screen! YEEHA!


Todd said...

I wonder what Ringo is doing that is keeping him so busy. Maybe after decades of fan mail he's burned out.
I'm with you on the living in wild thing. Can you imagine having to actually kill and gut your food?

Bill German said...

fuck yeah I would. I am sick and tired of the filth and poison of lalaland. Look around at the decay, the homeless homos lying in the gutter. I am gonna get in my gay little truck and drive south all the way to patagonia. byebye

Anonymous said...

Paul Simon announced back in the 60's that he was above answering fan mail, meanwhile Ringo was trying to personally answer every letter. (Ringo took forever to wise up. ) The record companies refused to take care of fan mail long ago.

Conclave27 said...

After 200 years of course Ringo is tired. Look how long it took him to write his first song? He doesn't have to answer anymore. He does his music becuase he gets paid well and enjoys it. He doesn't need fans anymore.

As for "Into the Wild", not even a Native American would go back. Yeah it nice to say... look I am living natural... but you do that becuase you have too. If the guy wanted to make a difference he could of joined greenpeace or made an effort to make areas of the world more enviromentally friendly. What a waste of a human being. Living so selfishly and shirking a oportunity like that.

As far as Dead Silence... um there was plenty of gore. Come'om, the way Mary Shaw killed... OMG.

alice said...

I'm only guessing, because Ringo didn't share his innermost thoughts with me, but perhaps, because he has tried to always personally answer every letter, he doesn't want to dispoint anyone that might write to him and he didn't reply. It's kind-of hard to fathom why, at this stage of his life, he would develop an over-inflated ego. Maybe his eyesight is suffering and it's difficult to read and respond to letters. Just speculations on my part - but he's always seemed like such a nice guy. Makes no sense that he would have a turn-around now.

I used to love to camp and "get back to nature" - but that was when I was young and foolish..... and in shape.

Marko said...

Heya WAT!

I have been away forever i know, but I am back, glad to see your still doin yr awesome blog!

Just stoppin by to say hey!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Im finally in the mood to pen that winner fan letter I've always wanted to send to Ringo.


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Famous as Junk Thief may be, he still answers fan mail.

My feelings about the character in "Into the Wild" were mixed. His adventurous spirit was admirable, but he also seemed often spoiled, selfish and not very likable. The Werner Herzog documentary "Grizzly Man" hit on some of the same issues and was more gripping to me and with an even more tragic reckoning with nature.

Though also more of an urban creature, a certain amount of Jack London lurks in me as well.

M- Filer said...

I love cities, I really do, but I think I finally have reached the point where I am glad I don't live in one. Mostly because of all the sufferring ...it's everywhere , and I would rather not see it.


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mouse (aka kimy) said...

I would have gone to into the wild except my movie bud wanted to go - wow what a film...and that it is a true story.

so tragic....

ringo, come on now....