Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My co-worker was thrilled with my movie recommendation through Netflix, of the superb V for Vendetta. He really liked it. What?! Have you not seen it?! I meet lots of people who've still not viewed this movie! What are you waiting for?! Spectacular! Bold! Daring! Truth! Justice! Freedom! Forever! I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen when it was first released some three years ago, and really enjoyed it. Beautiful visuals, an excellent performance from Hugo Weaving, and a story all too familiar in this day and age of Bush and his fascist police state/ fear-based policies. Don't just sit there! Get this movie on DVD now I tells ya! Hollywood is eerily more accurate about life than we tend to think or give it credit for. My original review of the film is here, but do not read it if you haven't seen le film yet, because there are SPOILERS!

God, that debate in Nashville last night between the old man and the beanpole was a BORE! UGH! Look, I'm voting third party, but please, if you're so narrow-minded that you just MUST vote between the two-party system, please just vote for OBAMA ok? McCain and that putrid satanic VP choice of Palin would be the worst thing for this country! I honestly don't know how anyone really, is going to get us out the economic muck we're in, but the last thing we need
is grandpa and the beauty queen running the show! My hatred of her has grown immensely! I don't want her holding the office of vice president! NO! It would be a nightmare! It will make the V for Vendetta scenario look like a walk in the park! She'll infuse the whole charade with more Christian fundamentalist wacko intolerant ideas! They're likely to agree on dropping nukes the first chance they get and plunge the world into yet another horrid world war! Do you not understand? The Constitution separates Church and State! WHY MUST THESE IDIOTS ALWAYS INSIST ON MIXING THE TWO INTO OUR POLITICAL LIVES!?

Of course, the cynic in me says none of this matters. The next leader has already been chosen for you. You are a but a slave to your job, to the banks, to the rich powerful head masters who keep the masses in check. You're an insignificant little ant who better do as told, or else! They slowly but surely are steering us towards their ultimate evil heinous plan.



Conclave27 said...

Vote of Osama/Bin Laden... wait or is it Obama/Biden? LOL.... Dave Chappel showed me the danagers of having "that guy" type in the Whitey House. In the words of Jar Jar Binks.... "Meso doesnte thinkso". Look one thing is to have no blood in the White House... but I am sorry, there are some things you just don't change.
And the President is one of them.

As far as "V for Vendetta" it is a great movie and shows how close we are to such a state. Freethinking has left, and we have the "Nanny State" program in place. Look at the excuses Wall Street gave for the collapse. It was De-regulation.... didn't any of them go to college? Didn't they know wha would happen if they borrowed and lended too much? Do you really need some one over your shoulder watching you so you don't lend three time the amount that could be paid back? Uhhh Duhhhh.

Be strong, Vote for a Thrid party folks... the Democrats and Repulicans in power are part of the problem!!! Where is the Uni-bomber when you need him. CSA where are you, we need you to rise up and rescue us!!!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

I totally liked this flick . . . just watched it again recently . . . it was on cable!

Todd said...

I agree there's a new world order coming. But I'm thinking the new powers to rise will not be what everyone thinks. Look at countries like India and Mexico. Things are really happening there that may make them much more powerful over the next couple of decades.
I'm still voting Obama.

Steve said...

Hey Wat -- thanks for stopping by the other day...

I saw "V for Vendetta" when it came out at the theater, and I liked it a lot...though I have to admit I don't remember much of it now! I like Natalie Portman as a rule.