Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm behind on some of your blogs and I apologize. Thanks as always for stopping by, especially to those of you who comment. It means so much to be loved and adored like Obama. LOL!

I don't think of astrology as an exact science, but it is kind of fascinating how much the signs of the Zodiac sometimes do apply and reflect the people born under them. Let's take me for instance: Cancer. Yes, quite possibly the most profoundly emotional of all the signs. And boy do I fit the bill! Being a Cancer has its incredible perks. In my case, I am very empathic, loving, loyal, artistic, creative, and highly sociable at times. I love to go
out and travel, but in moderation. Home is where the heart is for me. I prize these traits and value them highly within myself. The downside? I can be very negative, depressive, overly-sensitive, lazy, procrastinating, moody, and deeply hurtful towards others. Mind you, I won't attack, unless provoked, but sometimes I've caught myself being awfully nasty to someone, when I should've reacted a lot more civilized or disciplined. It's my crab claws man! YIKES! Negative? UGH! Yes, I can fall under this quite easily. I always have to be careful and control my emotions from becoming too morose and overly cynical. I hate injustice, and this can really depress someone like myself, who wishes things were a lot more different in this world. I take people's looks and behavior towards me too personally sometimes, when I need to stop assuming the worst or just let things go. And my God I can be lazy. And boy do I put things off. Tomorrow. Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow. Look, I'm a work-in-progress as we all are and I'm only trying to be the best human being possible. I don't use astrology as a way to live my life, but the more I read on my sign, the more I identify with its traits. Princess Di was a Cancer. She was a nutjob, but a good woman I suppose, despite her emotional torment. Ladies and gentlemen, I may quite possibly be INSANE. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

O.k. The itch to get up and start traveling has hit me once again. Mind you, it is expensive and quite a ha
ssle nowadays to travel, but it's something I would like to do more often than I currently do. Money may be one of the main issues at times, but it's not the ONLY issue. I'm a bit of a hodophobe. No, I'm not afraid of gays, I wrote HODOphobe. Getting away from my hometown and my comfy home or those of good friends can be quite stressful for me. I used to be able to fly on planes and get into any/all kinds of moving vehicles when I was younger, but in the last ten years the idea of being stuck in that flying tube up in the sky with wings really terrifies me at times. Or being a passenger in a car for too long, especially with a crazy driver. Crowded trains or buses get me edgy too. EEK! Yeah, it's a sick twisted control issue that I discussed with my psychotherapist once, and she said I need to take baby steps to conquer this irrational fear. Just gimme some Xanax honey or some good herb to smoke! LOL! I was even considering hynotherapy sometime soon, to help with this problem. Listen, I wanna see New York City, Miami, Chicago, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Spain and all of Europe, but it takes cash and most importantly a life free of hodophobia! LMAO! I've come a long way in dealing with my anxieties and am most proud of my progress. The last frontier, of getting out there like I once did to explore the world is next on the horizon. Even with my phobia, I have been to Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco in the past 8 years, but I'm in the need to get out and see more places, before the economy crashes. HEE!

Wish me luck will ya? I know I will be victorious. Gosh WAT, such a positive outlook today.

It's about time.


alice said...

Hey Will - Cancer is a very complex, yet interesting sign. Despite some of the "down" traits, you will never be boring because you have so many layers. One-dimensional people are way too predictable. So take heart that the right people will always find you fascinating, and embrace the total Will. That's pure win.

I have no advice about traveling because I am also a homebody. I do enjoy seeing new places, but like you, most modes of transportation are anxiety-producing. If you find the cure, let me know what you discovered. The older I am, the more I realize there is a great deal of our own country that I have never seen. That's just wrong.

A Lewis said...

Sick and twisted...ha! Me too. I love being at home. And the fewer minutes I can spend in a metal tube or car with people the better. i love fresh air and freedom! From one nutjob to and hugs.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

as your birthday twin I hear you! many years ago I had my chart done and the astrologer said 'how do you get through the day?' - of course I thought that was no way of starting out a reading, but she proceeded to go on about how emotional cancers are and that when I was born it's all water and fire and no earth signs at all to ground....I guess I had to learn early on how to cope.

we cancers do tend to be homebodies, I love also traveling to new places (and old places) but also always love coming home to my own nest....cancerians also get quite sentimental about all sorts of things n'est-ce pas?

Conclave27 said...

Silly Western Zodiac. Your also forgetting some of your other signs as well. Your also born in the Year of the Fire Tiger. Which explains your wandering eye for fun as well impulsive behavior, and the ability to be easily bored.
Your cancerian seems to have grounded you here.
Also you Mayan sign is that of the serpent, which means you are spiritual powerful and transformative. So you can overcome what ever is in your way if you learn to use those inner strengths of yours.

LOL... of course your taking advice from an Aries, whose a Wooden Rabbit, and a Dog. :-P