Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Aw! Even poor li'l animals, like the doggy pictured above are suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

It's the day after and my obsesssion with this hurricane continues, in great part due to the fact, as I have mentioned before, that I've been to these affected areas in the past two years, and it bothers and hurts me greatly that these very nice and friendly people are going through such a difficult trial right now.

New Orleans, which many in the media say could've been dealt a worse fate, was still hit hard; the mayor of the city says that 80% of the city is flooded! I cannot even imagine this, what with no power, no running water, and the water stagnantly just there like vegetable beef soup with nowhere to go? What is this going to bring? Where are these people going to go to the bathroom? What of the smell? I think the toxic cesspool they feared might just come true. Lake Pontchartrain just got bigger as it spills into the city, and the Superdome is becoming an uncomfortable shelter very quickly. Shit man! And I mean that literally.

Mississippi is in worse shape with dozens killed there, and towns like Biloxi and Gulfport are almost gone! Alabama had some serious damage too. New Orleans is getting more national attention it seems, but these areas have been way more devastated, although I think the overall misery will be worse in LA NOUVELLE ORLEANS as the days and weeks go by with that sitting water. Yeah, the French Quarter survived very well, but that is no consolation for the residents in the surrounding areas, many of whom own the businesses in the Quarter that bring in the tourists from around the world. It's just one big effed up mess right now, and my heart goes out to them, how would I feel if my freakin' house was flooded in, or heavily damaged? It just sucks donkey penis.

Southern Decadence was supposed to happen this very Labor Day weekend! KISS THAT GOODBYE YE FAGS! Surely the religious right is happy about this and will claim tha "hurracayne" came to the area to destroy the sin. What a bunch of assholes.

Meanwhile, for the past two days, President Bush has been giving speeches to seniors in nursing homes about Medicare and the victory over Japan in World War II! Perfect timing Bushy! Is he going to do a mandatory tour of the devastated area at all? The lame duck is showing his true colors...

With all the hurricane coverage on cable TV, radio, and the Internet, I serendipitously ran into live streaming video of local TV stations in the New Orleans area and am now fascinated and hooked by this technology! WOW! It's way too awesome to have a fast computer and excellent connection at home to be able to watch live TV as it is aired the world over! This is a dream come true man! Where have I been? Obviously in the dark, until I got my new computer and cable connection at home back in April.

For more info. on live programs the world over in any language:


If I was on the Internet a lot before, now I'll be permanently glued.


Loren Soth said...

More animal news ffom corresponant Luke in his Submarine out in New Orleans....


Turning Maw Translator on....

"Two Dolphin were stranded in a Hotel Pool after. Search and rescue carried the dolphin out to sea."

"Several sharks were seen swimming in parts of Flooded New Orleans"

"Many pets cling to debris waiting to be rescued"

"Little Doggies from around the world are coming to help fire fighters and rescue teams to help find trapped and missing vistims where ther can"

Luke the Labador Signing Out

WAT said...

Thank you Luke, the levee break in New Orleans is not fixable for now, meaning more water into the city...WHAT A DISASTER, I am so sad...