Thursday, August 18, 2005


I felt horrible yesterday. I came to work as normal, but after an hour here, I felt like I was gonna hurl.

So I went home, passed out for a good five hours, woke up, made some important phone calls (WOW, WHAT A STOCKBROKER LOL!), and then got myself enough energy to attend the wake of my co-worker's husband, who unexpectedly and tragically died last week.

It was a nice Buddhist ceremony, very very moving. I can't lie, I shed some tears.

I'm a very very sensitive, sentimental, and empathic person. I feel other people's pain and suffering very deeply. Sometimes I hate that side of myself, but I often thank God I do have that characteristic, it makes me compassionate and understanding and an all-around good-hearted kind of guy.

Must be my astrological sign: CANCER.


Bill German said...

I am a libra. I am supposed to be balanced but I am always tilting. I go from one extreme to the other. I dont have the passion for funerals like you do.

WAT said...

Frankly I hate funerals too, but there is something to say for showing one's support to someone you care about by attending.