Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Isn't it shocking and demoralizing sometimes how much hypocrisy, aggression, and just plain bitterness there is in the world? Wherever one goes, it is inevitable that one will run into someone who will give us attitude or try to sour our day.

I notice this, especially at work all the time. The fake smile, the sarcastic comments, dirty looks, phony personalities, and negative demeanor of so many is really astounding. I don't think it's reserved for just my workplace, but really for most of the world out there in general. Why is that?

Have you ever tried to reach out to a co-worker (or someone in general), invite them for lunch, and possibly hang out with them outside of work, and all you've gotten is the attitude and cold shoulder? As if they show absolutely no interest in you as a person no matter how cool you may think you are? Or try to explain to your supervisor your frustrations and all you've gotten is the sarcastic, "I'll take care of it." In other words, "Shut up, you whining complaining buffoon!" Or how about the dirty look and unanswered "Good morning" from someone you walk past by early in the day? And of course, there's always the individual who cuts you off or tailgates you aggressively while driving.

I fail to understand how so many people can be so rude and full of themselves, when in all honesty their shit smells just as bad as anyone else's. And with death being the great equalizer, why are humans so full of pride? WHY??!! To what purpose?! Are the insecurities and depressing lives that some of us hold too great to handle that we take it out on others with these grotesque negative actions?

I'm not asking for a phony individual who's always happy and never gets frustrated or angry. Not at all. But it would be nice if most people were real about who they are and treated each other with as much respect and realism as possible, without all the hidden crap and underlying agendas. What else is truly maddening is the lack of humor in so many; God forbid a joke too raunchy, racist, or sexist for it's enough to get you in trouble and either sued, fired, or even jailed, which is why so many have to literally walk on their tiptoes now when treating someone at work or anywhere else and getting to really know them.

This has only served to stagnate human progress and elevate the level of hypocrisy out there, which is why we are still arguing over gay marriage and other "morality" issues to this day, issues that should've been resolved long ago in our sexually repressed but very active and realistically perverse society. The porn industry doesn't make billions by luck, there's plenty of prudish men and women who present themselves one way to the world, but behind closed doors are really quite the lustful sexually charged beasts.

Humanity has unquestionably made great technological scientific progress in the past few years. But I wonder, how many of us on this overpopulated globe have really moved ahead in terms of bettering our relations with other human beings? Is it our longer lifespan, daily pressures/stress, society at large, or constant frightening terrorist threats that have seemingly made so many detach themselves from their emotions and make them negative? I don't want to hate humanity, because there are good genuine people out there, but haven't you ever told yourself that those gems are really far and few between, that most people are beatches and assholes?

I will readily admit to being guilty of negative behaviour, but alas, I usually refrain from it until attacked or provoked, and even then I feel inferior for having let someone else's negativity invade my positive energy. I think this is why I love animals so much, because of their pure instinctual nature and genuine love towards us, without all the human hangups of life in this crazy "civilized" world.

Alas, we are all human, but isn't the point of life to laugh, enjoy each other, and ultimately love till death due us part?

And yet we continue to waste it so...


Bill German said...

I worked as a computer programmer most of my life for the same company and I had to put up with that shit all the time. Then when all those multimillion sexual lawsuits surfaced in the early 90's everybody was so afraid to get close or joke around. So tomorrow at work, just go up to the hottest guy at work and kiss him on the lips.

La Siciliana said...

totally!! Sing it man...

It is so frustrating when you're trying to be a good person and the rest of the world tries to make that hard for you... that's why I like to say fuck 'em!

Loren Soth said...

I hope I hear the story of why this rant was put up.

I wonder were I fall in?