Wednesday, October 12, 2005


El descubrimiento de América por Cristobal Colón -Salvador Dalí, 1959Class, today is Columbus Day.

October 12, 1492.

Five hundred and thirteen years ago today,
Christopher Columbus, a supposedly Italian born courageous as hell navigator in service to the Spanish crown landed in our part of the world, and thus began the astonishing transformation, destruction, and upheaval of the Western Hemisphere by European colonists from mainly Spain and other maritime powers for the next three hundred years.

This is truly one of history's most monumental dates! I mean, just think about it. We had native peoples living here, pristine land, water, resources, a bountiful neverending paradise! To this utopia came the white man, in all his smelly horror bringing with him disease, greed, lust, and the Bible!

I always imagine how truly freakin' beautiful and awesome it must've been. Before our now modern fully European way of life. It's weird. We act and live European lifestyles and speak European languages. I sometimes feel as though all these centuries later, we're just programmed robots, with imposed Western Civilization into our brains.

Sadly, our true cultures, that of the
Native Americans, have all but been lost.

The debate about the morality and ethics of conquest continues to this day, but it's way too late, obviously.

Steak's so well done, it's pretty much burnt at this point.


Bill German said...

Yeah, disease, greed and lust, I want more and more and more

Mario said...

today is "race" day in some Latin American countries. Well, at least in most Latin America our blood is still in part indigenous, and culture, in many places, is a true European-Indigenous mix.

La Siciliana said...

Tell it like it is WAT. Oh and you know I love that you posted Dali!

WAT said...

Someday LA SICI, I'll round us all up, and we're heading to a nice art museum for a cool day of appreciation.

*la luna negra* said...

aver CUANDO!

La Siciliana said...

sounds like the Bomb-Diggity WAT!