Monday, October 17, 2005


I passed on going to see The Fog, which got horrible reviews not just from pretentious movie critics but by friends of mine who saw it, and opted instead to go see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, last night.

What a delightful li'l movie! I felt like a kid all over again, and God knows this kind of positive entertainment is needed during such dramatically dreary times like the ones we live in. Here's a well written
review of the film.

There is an amazing attention to detail and this kind of clay animation must be arduous work; it is remarkable what the creators of this film have done to bring this fun sweet world to life. And it's so witty too, all set in jolly ole' England!

Ironically and sadly, lots of the sets and archives from the previous Wallace & Gromit shorts just burned down in a fire at the studios where this fantastic duo is brought to life: news article.

Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. And oh yeah, since I pay attention to that kind of thing, the musical score is very well done too.


Bill German said...

yeah, you were right, that clown was so fucking hot. The way he danced while swinging a golf club was mesmerizing. Even his body was slinky. finally, I will wait for the dvd to come out on that movie, i am too cheap to pay the $10 bucks. lol, xo

La Siciliana said...

hey WAT, you changed Guernica...but, you can never get enough of Leo, huh?
hehehehehehe, I love that you post art here!

WAT said...

I'll be going back to Picasso sometime soon, don'tcha worry!

Mario said...

great movie, I saw it on Saturday. The short W&G films, however, have a magic that it is not quite here in the were rabbit film. The short films made no sense at all; that made them so special. This film has more of an audience in mind, but it's still great. Gromit is so expressive; he is the real protagonist.

Loren Soth said...

Yeah I missed the peguin guest that always hid in the background from the shorts meself.

The film was fun and we did have a grand ole' time.

Of course the "Fog" was on plan...but have you seen the original??? Why would they re-make that lame piece of....well... W&G was a 1,000 times better.

Dave The Hat said...

I really rate Wally and Grommo. We went with friends who said it was "weird" and "gay". Mind you, they said the same for Willy Wonka. I guess there wasn't enough gun action... :P

I still have these Wallace and Grommit games from when I was in High School. Facial animators, porridge hurlers, toast makers...the works! The film MADE me get them all out again (haha).