Monday, October 24, 2005


I have been a faithful loyal Howard Stern listener now for about ten years, and I gotta say, no other morning radio show even comes close to his comic genius. He is nothing short of astoundingly funny and incredibly smart. Really! I cannot thank him enough for making me laugh all these years, especially having to go to work in the morning. The relief he has provided me has been crucial to my well being.

I love his show, and all the negative press he has received for supposedly being sexist, racist, homophobic, and closed-minded is a load of bunk! The beauty of the Stern show lies in his amazing ability to satirize American society and all the conservative hypocrisy out there! Howard is for gay marriage, pro-woman (especially admiring and lusting after their bodies!), pro-choice, and very accepting and tolerant…something his detractors don’t even realize. His extraordinary cast: Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Artie Lang, Baba Booey, Richard Christy, plus the hilarious Wack Pack, are enough to bring tears to one’s eyes from excruciating laughter.

And yes, he can be and is very disgusting at times. I mean, the farting, queefing, and vomit contests he sometimes airs are beyond listenable, and I do find myself turning the radio off. That’s the beauty of freedom, if I don’t like it, I just turn away from it, which is why I am against censorship. His constant battles with the FCC are by now notorious, and pretty ridiculous; there are so many other blatantly vulgar programs on radio and TV out there, and they hardly come under the scrutiny that Howard does.

He is hated and vilified by the Right, and adored by his legion of loyal fans. By now, most know of his upcoming move to Sirus Satellite Radio, and I am one of the many who will follow him, even though it means having to pay for radio, but no other replacement host or morning radio show comes or will come close; Howard is simply irreplaceable.

Despite all its raunchiness, crudeness, sound effects, and silly anecdotes, Stern’s show can be very serious and informative too when needed; the 9/11 show (<---might take about five minutes to download & fast forward to 2hrs. 18 minutes into audio clip or at 138 minutes), as the terrorist attacks unfolded live, has to be one of the reporting pinnacles of his career. It’s what I and millions out there listened to, to stay informed of what was going on that tragic morning.

If you’ve never listened to him, you don’t know what you’re missing. The time he’ll be on regular commercial radio is short as he starts the new satellite format in January of 2006. Some smaller markets around the country have already started getting rid of the show. More of this unfolding saga to come I'm sure.

As Howard says to his famous sidekick Robin every morning:

"What else is in the news Robin?"


Mario said...

I used to watch him on tv. Somedays I'd be disgusted by the show, and find it misogynist, but mostly I would just laugh my ass off. It is a guilty pleasure for me.

Bill German said...

I should really start listening to his show. Not too much into talk radio. I save my ears for music.