Friday, October 21, 2005


I don't want to sound closed-minded or mocking at all about the whole sex change thang ya know? But I find it a very difficult concept to comprehend!

I was watching
20/20 tonight, and was utterly fascinated and intrigued with the story of this guy who lead a marvelous career as a high-ranking military official and then stunned everyone around him by going through gender reassignment surgery to become a fully active woman! And he was a normal decent-looking guy too, who as a woman quite frankly, is now quite hideous! To top it off, now that he's a she, he will continue to actively pursue other women sexually! In other words, the only thing he wanted all along was to become an active lesbian! Does that make sense?! WOW!!! I'm so happy about being a guy, I wouldn't trade my cock for anything! HELLS NO!

I sound like I'm talking smack and I shouldn't be really, being that I myself am in a very ostracized minority group(which one, Latino or gay? HAHA), but it must be a real powerful thing to wanna invert your schlong and turn it into a fake vagina. Or for some women, who wanna close up their snatch and finally sport a pecker. Weird man. Really weird. I do admire these people as highly courageous though, and the sacrifices they make and endure are nothing short of monumental! And I thought being gay and having to come out was difficult!

I miss my favorite L.A. Karaoke host,
Jackie Enx who is a really cool chick that went through this very exact ordeal.

To each his/her own right?


La Siciliana said...

yeah dude, to each his own, totally...the whole gender reassignment gets really confusing when you consdier sexual preference..I guess it really is more about feeling comfortable with yourself in your own skin, rather than sexual preference...I'm just really glad that I never had to confront those issues, because if I had them, I don't know if I would be strong enough to make that kind of life change. I've had a couple of friends who have dealt with that issue and 1 friend in particular who chose to do right by herself by making the change... I totally give it up to anyone who knows who they are...especially when it means that they have to defy the social order and social acceptance to just feel props and complete respect to all those who possess that strength!!

jamal said...

Im in total aqgreement with you. Each to his own and all that, but these dudes are total wierdos. Cutting off the pinnicle of your manhood is the most strangest thing a man could do. What worse is those that try to justify and condone it!

Bill German said...

if i were born a woman, i would be the biggest ho! All those straight dudes knocking on my cellar door at 3 a.m.

Dave The Hat said...

Is it natural to think about being the opposite sex...even if only for a few moments? Of course! We're inquisitive beasts after all.

But yes, I can't help but concur with everyone else here and say: "hooray for cock"

Oh, and "whatever melts your butter".

Now there was a story on TV here in Australia not to long ago about someone born with sexual organ issues. The doctors just asked the parents to choose, and they brought them up as a girl when really he was more boy than girl. Now he has to have treatment to reverse the girl process. And I thinl he's suing the doctor's too.

Sex, man. Scary stuff.

La Siciliana said...

jamal, I don't understand how you can propose 'to each his own' when you obviously do not feel that way...calling people wierdos and then condemning those who do accept the differences that makes each of us individual. Its kind of an oxymoron. It sounds like maybe you want to believe in 'to each his own' but you really don't.