Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Two guys kissing! BIG F**KING WHOOP!

I've lost my patriotism and love for America.

I never thought I'd be thinking, let alone writing these words. Besides the war in Iraq and the continuing economic dismantling of our beloved home, there's also this kinda crap that bugs me:

With the current anti-gay marriage presidential administration currently in power and all the controversy and hatred demonstrated over a simple, yet cultural phenomenon film like Brokeback Mountain, what this country has proved to me is that even though there are plenty of cool awesome people who support and are for gay rights (of course like you who is reading this my blogger friend), there is still an overwhelming majority that loathes and hates me for my sexual orientation. And that sucks and makes me sad--that ignorance can still be so rampant and powerful in people's minds!

It is unforgivable.

The uncomfortable straight males in America waste no time in being hypocrites by being homophobic every stupid chance they get. I read it all the time in message boards on the Net or how they and others react in a movie theater when two male characters kiss onscreen. Nothing irks or pisses me off more than when I hear a loud, "EEEEEEEEWWW" at a simple same sex smooch. Of course, it's okay if two women are going at it mind you. BUT NOOO! Not two men!

Such sickening hypocrisy. "Two women kissing is hot, but two guys is just plain gross!" is what they'll say. Oh, I see. So some homosexuality is acceptable but not the kind that stirs your true inner desires huh?

And that f**kin' sends me through the roof. So many "straight" men continue to lead secret closeted bisexual lives it's not even funny. It's more common and widespread than many will admit to. Yeah, leave the girlfriend/wifey at home, while you go out and have some hot quickie gay sex fun. It happens in high school locker-rooms, college campuses, your own neighborhood, in the military, in jail (for sure), and anywhere and everywhere all over this country. One need just to take a look here and see how widespread it is: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/m4m/, http://newyork.craigslist.org/m4m/, http://chicago.craigslist.org/m4m/, http://atlanta.craigslist.org/m4m/

SICK! SICK BASTARDS! You continue to perpetuate the homophobic environment we are festering in by living double lives and then acting anti-gay. How lame!

Yes, things are changing I know. Thank you Brokeback Mountain, Will & Grace, Logo Cable Network, Queer as F*ck, um...I mean Folk, and anyone and everyone who can see past all this bullshit and just accept the effeminate men and butch women and all others in between as people.

I got news for you folks: gay men and lesbian women are actually regular people. Who they f*ck, suck, or do whatever to is no worse or grosser than what men and women do to each other. And honestly, aren't most of us inherently bisexual anyway? I mean, as long as it's consenting adults, why are we still arguing over this issue in 2006 America???

Some guy on a Brokeback Mountain message board told me I should move to Canada. They really don't care about personal sex lives like they do here in America. At least, that's what he told me. Sounds almost too good to be true.

DAMN YOU RELIGIOUS RIGHT, PRESIDENT BUSH, AND ALL YE HYPOCRITE STRAIGHT MEN. Religion has brainwashed, tarnished, destroyed, manipulated, and taken your brains and turned them into useless fodder. Face it ye fools, fags and dykes are in your families, at your jobs, and everywhere else you turn. We are not magically going away, getting cured, or destroying your way of life.

Homosexuality is as old as time itself, was revered in ancient cultures and does not corrupt anyone nor anybody. Heteros are doing all kinds of weird sh*t in porn and in private all the time too! But what heteros do is all well, fine, and dandy--even outside of marriage. F*CK THAT DOUBLE STANDARD SH*T!

In the end, it's just sex--we all want it, need it, like it, and do it. BIG DEAL!

F**K YOU HATERS. I HOPE YOU (not a cocksucking fag like me) BURN IN HELL.

Not that I'm bitter or anything mind you. ;)

For a really frightening and extreme anti-gay view of things, check these assholes out:


I hate these people, but you gots to know your enemy.


Mario said...

thanks for venting, I feel exactly the same. Even if the US is not my country and I am only temporarily here, I still feel enraged by all this hypocrisy and hatred. But if you think the US is far from certain European nations (Denmark, the Netherlands, etc.) regarding tolerance, imagine how far back is Latin America. In some places it is a sentence of death to proclaim your homosexuality. You can't imagine how liberating has been for me to be in a place (the US) where most people I've dealt with would respect me being gay. But this is relative to the cities and environments (university) where I've been. Still, I am optimistic, I am seeing changes, and hopefully someday the US and the rest of the world will get there. And in part, it is our responsibility to make the change. Everytime a person who likes you but hates gays finds out you are gay, they change their minds a little.

G-Man said...

Wow bud. It sucks big time that you have to live your life like that, feeling that kind of hate directed your way. I think in these conservative George Bush days, the religious right is loud and strong and continue to propogate their hate.

But for what its worth, I have a lot of hetro friends who really don't think of homosexuality as a big deal..I think there is a certain acceptance of it that is gaining in our culture. It's kind of a "what's the big deal?" train of thought. My best friends in the world all have one universal belief: That every human being has the right to choose whoever they want to love and be happy. This is really human rights we are talking about.

I won't apologize on behalf of all of the hetros out there...I don't want to be associated with many of them....Yeah, there is a lot of hyprocracy and hate out there too. I live in conservative Wisconsin, trust me, I'm appauled at some of the things i hear ppl say.

Hang in there, don't let those mother fuckers get you down. Don't give them the satisfaction.

Bill German said...

I took the redline to noho today and I walked past the lodge bar on lankershim and I said to myself, I should meet you here and buy you a drink some day after work. And after reading your emotional rambings, YOU DO NEED A DRINK, MAKE THAT A DOUBLE and a jager shot.

Loren Soth said...

Well done and put,

It is a sad state of affars on how society seems to be fluctuating now. From both the hetero and homo communities.

It seems that the gay community itself has become comfortable and complascent, the Activism of the 80's hs sort of wimped out as AIDS has seemingly disappeared from the table.

Recently a friend of mine took a social class for Business. A Homosexual scholar presented a truly bizzare way of life that a gay man leads. A life off feminism, line dancing, and sowing. Ack.

Did you even see the ridiculous 60 Minutes report on Homosexuality: Nurture or Nature? Seems things are going backwards with misinformation...... and really out there ideas (as in cuckoo!)

I do appalud LOGO, VillageTV.com, Cory Chamber Productions, Triangle Broadcasting, and all the other Gay broadcaster and media that are trying to show we do exist.

Heck we might as well go to the large SF Gay Pride in June. I know my "Mary" wants to go and visit and have fun.

Loren Soth said...


BTW you and Sonny look hot :-P

Loren Soth said...

Yeah so I went to wikipedia. Nice section on Homosexuality History.
As it is this link provide more on Gay Rights around the World.


Of all the things I originally went for.... was stuff for the movie "P175"

So when in the U.S Administration gonna re-adopt this?


Loren Soth said...

LOL....sorry to post again... but I needed to hear some music to make me feel proud of who I am.

Take a look at these videos.

Lookin' Cute is definately a song that make me feel a bit better about things


WAT you should listen to the CD some of the Songs do reflect our mindset rather well.

Todd said...

Yes, it does get frustrating, hearing a bunch of loser freaks screaming about how awful fags are. It gets to me sometimes. So what do I do? I get out and do volunteer work for some LGBT organizations, proudly proclaim that I'm gay, thank my friends and coworkers who are accepting, and think vicious thoughts about the right-wing lunatic fringe. As a friend of mine says, "The more they scream their hate, the more ridiculous they look and hurt their cause."

The Dawg said...

Great Post! I love the passion displayed in the writing. Reminds me of how I feel about Racism. Some of your points about its ok for 2 women etc. reminds me of hoe Mr Nunez posted on his blog a while back. Oh, by the way WAT- do you know any of those meeting/cruising spots in the South Bay?

Marko said...

Its so htpocritical that its fine for 2 women to kiss yet when 2 men do...come one! I know there are more women out there who are turned on my 2 men goin at it, but if they admit it then they are considered gross, whatever!!!
Im with you, its good to know your enemy but at the same time I wont waste my energy on such stupidity, ya know?