Sunday, March 26, 2006


And that honour I dare say goes to Britain's COLDPLAY.

Their first two albums were great and introduced us to the group's catchy and introspective sound alright.

But it's their X&Y release last year that has (in my opinion) cemented their status as the biggest most popular band on Earth.

Way ta go boys! And the lead singer and bassist are quite cute too.

P.S. Goodbye sweet grand and pretty lady. You sure did have a voice and will be greatly missed:


G-Man said...

Ya gotta love Coldplay! I saw them last summer, and it was a pretty good show. They played in Milwaukee last weekend, and it never sold out. I personally think its too soon to call them the biggest band around (I've had this discussion a lot lately for some reason! LOL).

Marko said...

I havent heard the entire album yet, I really liked talk. I have a really awesome remix of it.

Todd said...

biggest band in the world? hmm...i'm not sure about that. X&Y is a great album, but after a few plays, it just kind of gets old. that's just my opinion, of course. i'm still not sure why people compare them to U2.