Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This f**kin’ movie just plain looks cool.

The cast is excellent and the visuals look phenomenal. I hope the movie is not all hype and does not disappoint.

From the guys who brought you the original cultural earthquake phenomenon film The Matrix, I give you:

V for Vendetta

What makes this film interesting as well, is its strong political message dealing with totalitarian governments and terrorism

Ironic in these our times ain’t it?


Brad said...

Seeing this badboy on Friday night! Can't wait!

Have you checked out the comic? Kinda shoddy artwork in my opinion but the story is brilliant.

Todd said...

Yeah, this is one of the few summer movies I'm actually looking forward to. Should be great!

Brad said...

Hey, I actually got to see it early. Saw it last night at the late, late show.

I'll have a big write-up on it at my site later tonight. But suffice it to say, it is very good.

Marko said...

I heard it was good and it did well in its first week.