Monday, March 06, 2006


Now that I'm a little more composed after yesterday's Oscars, I'd like to kinda review the show and some of the winners.

Jon Stewart as host was not great, but was not that horrible either. I thought he did a decent job. My absolute favorite line of his was after the social injustice/problems/issues movie montage that Hollywood has portrayed and tackled where he said, "And thankfully, none of those issues were ever a problem for us again." That had me roaring!

A wonderful surprise and most deserved award went to composer Gustavo Santaolalla for his Brokeback Mountain score, which is truly haunting and beautiful. I was very proud of him, as he has produced one of my favorite Mexican rock groups for years, the amazing Café Tacuba, and now the Argentine is working in Hollywood no less! He made me even happier as he dedicated his award para todos los latinos, or "to all Latinos everywhere." That was cool.

How did that hip hop song even win over the Crash or the Dolly Parton tune? That was so low class! I hated it! It made me wonder if that award wasn't rigged, for just as they had finished embarrassingly performing it, Queen Latifah came out and gave them the award for Best Song! I've heard way better hip hop songs than that piece o'shit! UGH! Gimme Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, or Tupac puleaze!

I like Reese Witherspoon, and I watched Walk The Line the night before the Oscars and she was okay in her role, but not Oscar worthy like Felicity Huffman was in Transamerica. That was a mistake! It's Joaquin Phoenix who really makes that movie. Oh my God, he is incredible in that film. My hats off to you!

And then Buttcrack Mtn. won the Adapted Screenplay and Best Director award (which are great prizes indeed), and for sure all the rumors that Trash was gonna sneak up and take the big prize could not be true...and out comes Jack Nicholson (who voted for BB Mtn. according to Oprah), and he almost fainted as he read the upsetting winner. Just like when Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan. Yeah, I took it personally allright, I thought I was watching the Twin Towers on fire again.

And the message/bulletin boards have gone off ever since:

-"With all of the things that are a problem in this country right, due to the neocon agenda, ya mean, I gotta listen to faggots whine too? Look, I'm lactose intolerant (born that way) and they haven't made a movie about it, or given me a place at the political table. Please, save your "poor queers" sob story until after we fix the mess this country's in."

-'Crash' was nothing more than a sub-par TV Movie Of The Week but I'm glad it was made, actually released and then nominated for a bunch of awards it doesn't deserve if only so that we could all be treated to a literal dance interpretation of its ham-fisted bullshit premise."

-"As for the the Acedemy voted for Crash becuase they all live in LA that's a load of BS. It was and is a better movie than Buttcrack Mountain. America does not want to see gay cowboys? Yes you are absolutely right! I would say many Americans are sick and tired of seeing the homosexual agenda pushed down everybody's throats! They proved that the movies are based on merit and NOT on sexual orientation or what is fashionable at the time! ith! However, I know I can do one of two things: 1. Change the channel, 2. Turn the TV OFF. I elected for #2.If ABC and the "academy" wonder why the ratings are so low, maybe they should ask "mainstream" Americans why! Most people in America don't care for queer movies for starters...."

-"I am happy that Crash won because it said some very important things we should all know:1.) When crazy Muslims come to kill your kids, Jesus will protect you.2.) The best hope in life for crazy upper class white women is to have a faithful servent who will listen to their abuse and not quit their jobs. 3.) Racist cops are all really good people underneath. 4.) Liberals are all really potential murderers. 5.) Black hoodlums do in fact carjack. But they draw the line at participating in the slave trade. That's best left to elderly Asian men."

-"Back In Your Closets, Faggots!! Your 15-minutes of fame is over!"

Ah yes, this is America folks!

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Loren Soth said...

Well good thing to me the Academy Awards means nothing. Just a bunch of people patting themselves on the back.

The nominees are not even fair, of all the pictures released in 2005 only "5" are the best? And these suck. Perhaps they should relook at the Awards system and follow perhaps the MTV Movie Awards with a category based system.

Best Drama
Best Fantasy
Best Sci-Fi
Best Action
Best Comedy
Best Horror
Best Foreign

Each Category has sun categories for Actors, supporting actors, etc.

Then from all those films then you can pick the best film.


Todd said...

I'm glad you're recovering from your Oscar shock. Life must go on...

G-Man said...

I read an interesting thing yesterday on Yahoo (I think) about why Brokeback lost out to Crash. They said that in the end, Hollywood may not be as progressive or as liberal as it lets what they did was give some of the "lesser" awards to Brokeback and then voted for "Crash" for best picture--in their mind, they were still voting for a liberal movie, but just chose to have it be about racism isn't of gay cowboys. They could feel like they were good ol' Hollywood liberals without voting for a gay agenda that they are still not comfortable with.

You know I loved Crash, but I guess what bothers me about all of this is how random it is. I mean, how can Ang Lee POSSIBLY be the best director, but not of the best movie? How does that work? How can Reese be the BEST female lead when Joaquen wasn't even nominated? It doesn't make sense.

I wonder how many people who vote for these movies actually go see them all?

Did you happen to get the real agenda that was pushed this year at the Oscars?: DVDs are bad, going to the theater is good. WTF? Doesn't the studio get the money all in the end? Maybe the studios have to stop releasing shit like Dukes of Hazzard, The Bad News Bears, The Longest Yard, Duece Bigalo, etc.., etc., and I'll start going to the movies again. Excsue my rant....

Have a good on, my brotha.

Marko said...

I agree with you.
Buttfuck mountain, lol...the porno...bareback mountain!

Bill German said...

Go camping in sequoia with me. We will make "Brokeback Mtn Part II". Trust me, there will be no romance, just a steamed up tent and a lot of moaning and groaning. And the oscar goes to my oscar meiner weiner