Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A shout out to Sttropezbutler, who beat me to it, and has written a very good piece on the immigration issue which has gone absolutely mad this past week! He's right on many points, but I'd like to add some more:

Massive protests throughout the country, especially here in Lost Angulless have set the whole damn thing ablaze once again. Congress, the president, and the American people are at each other's throats as to what is to be done with the 11 million estimated illegal immigrants now in this country.

Okay folks. To reiterate the obvious: we are all guilty of aiding and abetting the illegalitans (<--some word!) by going to the restaurant and eating their cooked food, supermarket to buy produce, or paying them cheap wages to do construction, gardening, car washing, and housekeeping. It's my uneducated people (yes I am Latino/Hispanic) that are doing these grotesque inferior jobs, just to put food on their table, and ironically, ultimately our own. We are all hypocrites and to blame for this problem. We like the comforts of America and do not mind exploiting Juan, María, Rodrigo, and Lola just to get what we have for cheap. Employers, you as well are to blame for not enforcing the laws, and getting away with almost murder here.

And Juan, María, Rodrigo, and Lola are only flooding in because the idea of staying in Mexico or El Salvador is a nightmare. A BONA FIDE NIGHTMARE. The crime rate in those countries is abonimable, and the salaries are even worse. To try and raise a family over there is akin to a death sentence. I know plenty of people in my family and friends who ran through that border because there was no choice: ya either wet your back through the Rio Grande or starve to death in HISPANICA, or however many freakin' shithole countries there are South of us. Ya ever seen that movie EL NORTE? Damnit, I wish it were on DVD already. A must-see! So sad, so sad, so very sad.

That being said, I (one lucky-as-hell spoiled American-born Citizen brat) do call for immigration reform and security of that border. Enough is enough. Do you realize the growing garbage we're attracting from those countries? You got your hard working noble humble amazing human beings infiltrating alright, but you also have a shitty thug gang drug-addicted group of real losers coming in here! Some of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles are quite embarrassing that not even an Americanized civilized Hispanic would be caught dead in! I don't care how proud you are of your culture! ¡GUACATELA! EW! Our streets and freeways are overcrowded, our schools at the breaking point, and don't even get me started with our hospitals! It's quite disturbing! More Spanish being spoken is certainly not the problem (for the Southwest's Hispanic heritage is undeniable), it's just the enormous amounts of people taxing the system, and us to death! Let's not be hypocrites on the issue. And to wave any other flag than our own at protests is embarrassing and does not help tha cause! UGH!

They need to secure that border before some terrorist just walks in with the nuclear device that'll pulverize Phoenix, AZ. That might already be in the works perhaps by El Presidente Estúpido Bush, who would need something that shocking to further his fascist takeover of America. Who are we to believe anymore anyway?

The real criminals in all of this? The politicians in power. The ones sitting there filling their pockets with dinero whilst the rest of us are dealing with this and many other problems day to day. George Bush of the USA has got the rest of the Latin American world in his grip. Vicente Pendejo Fox, president of México does nothing to solve his country's unemployment and living condition problems so he expects us to take care of it. LOSER! That goes for all ye Presidentes. You're all being bought by the American Dollar. FOR SHAME! ¡DESVERGONZADOS MALDITOS LADRONES! That's Spanish for: "Shameless bloody crooks!"

UGH! It's all a sick vicious cycle really, and a problem of epic proportions at this point. Ya know Congress and Co. are gonna pass some stupid little amnesty law and just sweep it under the rug as usual.

And thus, the continued comical and obvious downfall of America right before our very eyes.

And then there's France...


Loren Soth said...

Death to all illegals!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where are the damn KKK and Aran Brotherhood when you need them.

OUr borders should be close, 'nuff said. Raids should be conducted by our governement, finding and expelling illegals and putting them in camps. Just like America did in WWII with the Japs. Criminals should not be awarded amnisty, regardless of the circumstances.

If the God fearing agents in White House were actually Christian they would understand the need to persecute these people. They do a diservice to them by allowing them to stay..........

WAT said...

Yeah and death to gays too!

Jesus! Your extreme point of view goes a bit too far.

sttropezbutler said...

Don't you love intelligent conversation.

Thanks for the mention.


Mikey said...

Dude, That was one of the most amazing post I ever read. Thank you for writing it.

G-Man said...

Great post dude. Living far up in the midwest, I can say this isn't a huge issue here. BUT...the one thing I always tell people is to be cautious of is to throw stones at the immigrants who want a better life. I don't think there's a one of us who aren't some type of imbreed when you follow our geneology. I know I'm part German, Belgian, Irish, and Dutch. At some point in time, my ancestors headed to these lands for opportunity.

But I do agree with you that there has to be some type of control and reform for all of this. We can't just open the gates wide. I'm concerned that such a huge issue like this depends on our govt., which I'm beginning to believe couldn't even plan a four-year-old's birthday party.

Great post, Wil!

Dalamar Argent said...

Alrighty....I know many may be upset, but this is my stance.

Illegals need to be deported and be fined as felony crime. Our borders need to be closed, both north and south (as a Southern California, the mexican border need our military).

Now there are many myths about the illegals and how they are helpful.

#1 Myth: Illegals do many of the jobs other people won't take.
This is an invalid statement. As Americans, we supposed care about human rights and ethical treatment. Allowing Illegals to stay and "work" promotes the abuse of human rights. Illegals are exploited, work in dangerous continues, and paid under minimum wage. Yes, many Illegals do work in undersirable jobs. Yet remember we are a capitalistic society. If there is a void, these poistion will be filled....a higher wage will be offered. Also don't forget, many Illegals also work in higher paying jobs as well....stealing position for our average american.

#2 Myth: Illegals are here to make a better life.That's everyone. If Mexico is under such horrendous conditions why haven't the U.S. put them under sanctionsor invaded them? For every Illegal here seeking a betterlife, there is also an Illegal here that is a criminal.Many Illegals also perpetuate law breaking activities by allowing and helping other illegals into this country. Iam not even gonna bring up the issue of all the connectionto drugs and criminal gangs/oginizations.

#3 Myth Illegals do not put a strain on our Society.
Have you been to Los Angeles? In my personal experience Illegals have ruined my neighborhood. They stuff a number of families intoone home. They overcrowd our neighborhoods and do not obeythe law. These break numerous civil codes with impunity.They take up resources that "we" the taxpayers and citizenshave to toil for. Most of the income they earn is under the table andgoes back to their country. They overcrowd our school, cause manya traffic gridlock, and force basic communication into spanish only.Yes, it cost thousands of dollars to accomadate the non-english.Those that claim to be bi-lingual cannot even communicate correctly since their are too many sub-dialacts which "Castellan"spanish is ingnored.Now I would feel sympathy for Illegals if they acutally wanted to bepart of our soicety. If they made an effort to learn our countries language. If they tried to follow the laws and wish to havea better standard of living. Instead most bring the squalor that theyhave left.We have laws for a reason. We shoudl follow them. If we truly want to helpthem we showed live by example. We should act like Americans. Enforceour laws, and make sure they become Americans. Learning our language andbecoming and effective member of our society.

As a gay man, I am outraged by our governments preference.Instead of providing an effective path of equality for homosexuals,it shows that they rather support those who break the law and giveammnisty to them.

Bill German said...

Boycott Lettuce

Mario said...

To dalamar argent: Some of the things you say are kind of true, but you are over-generalizing. 1) it is not true that there are illegal foreigners working in high paying jobs, unless you consider criminal activities; 2) without illegal aliens your watermelon would be super expensive and your suburban home would cost a lot more; 3) the US do not invade countries/set sanctions to fix their social/political/economic problems, they do it because of American interests alone; 4) why do you live in a ghetto? I assure you that the aliens you find in middle/high class neighborhoods are clean and nice; 5) I really didn’t understand what you said about “sub-dialacts;” there are different choice of words (vocabulary) in the Spanish spoken in Latin America, but there aren’t many Spanish dialects. I can understand the Spanish spoken anywhere in Latin America; 6) I am from Latin America and it is not part of my culture to disobey the law. And it is kind of awful to suggest aliens should become American in order to live here. What is that you want? An American nation even more homogenized? People should preserve their culture, of course adapting to American culture and respecting Americans, but not erasing their own culture (which is not about being a criminal and dirty), or forgetting their language. I speak 4 languages, three of them fluently, and I can assure you being truly bilingual is possible and good. Never been to Europe?

Wat: great post!!!!!!!

Dalamar Argent said...

Mario said....
"It is not true that there are illegal foreigners working in high paying jobs"

You do know that they are are illegals other than hispanics and latinos? Armenian, russians, orientals, and other are illegals too. You would be surprised how many do work in high and medium wage jobs.

"Without illegal aliens your watermelon would be super expensive and your suburban home would cost a lot more"

No. Not true. There are a lot of domestic products in other states that are picked by machinery. Produce prices would not skyrocket.
If this were true then alot of things would cost $. Likewise housing cost wouldn;t skyrocket either. If this were true then states with less illegal populations would be too epensive to live in. Right now, states with high illegals populations have higher costs.

"US do not invade countries/set sanctions to fix their social/political/economic problems, they do it because of American interests alone"

Someone needs to read history again. We have many covert opertions. Our invasion of Iraq was for the human rights???? Cuba??? Mexico is a prime country to invade. It has US interest. It has vast oil fields and many geo-thermal energies stores.

"Why do you live in a ghetto? I assure you that the aliens you find in middle/high class neighborhoods are clean and nice"

One I do not live in the ghetto. My area was a nice medium class level. Over the past years they have encroached. Also if we go buy you logic with illegal and high paying jobs.....there are none in those neighborhoods since they can't afford those homes.

"Spanisht “sub-dialacts”
Spanish does have sub-dialacts. The is proper spanish, and then spanish spoken by each of the Hispanic and Latin American countries. My point here is that from a business point of view it is expensive to provide translations in other languages. We should have one language so we can communicate effectively and keep costs down. In America speak English, if I go to mexico I will speak spanish. Look at the Romans and Chinese, they have one nationalk laguage everyone should speak....go aheed keep your ethnic dialact...but for bussiness speak english.

"I am from Latin America and it is not part of my culture to disobey the law. And it is kind of awful to suggest aliens should become American in order to live here. What is that you want? An American nation even more homogenized?"

Did I say loose your ethnicity now. I said work with the system. When your in a country your expected to obey the laws of the region. By being illegal you already broke the law. Cultural, from my dealings there is a difference. Hispanics and latinos here do not like signing paperwork, they feel they can go by an honor system. They will not file. They have a cultural tendancy of "no harm...no fowl". Sometimes they do not realize they are breaking the law. For them it is okay to open a taco stand, yet they break the law for blocking for public property and breaking health code violations. They seem to follow the law of their village/nation without trying to follow the rules and regulation of our country. As I said for every descent illigal immigrant that is here....there are many more that are bad apples. Unfortunately the good people have to get slapped with the majority of vagrants out there.

Mario said...

alright argent, I think I am probably not exposed to all that violence because I live in a city (Austin, TX) where illegals and legals live in harmony (crime here is relatively low). I do stand by what I wrote about medium-high paying jobs (most skilled foreigners have legal work permits or green cards) and US foreign politics. And, as far as I know, true Spanish dialects exist only in Spain. Even if vocabulary and accents greatly vary in Latin America, Latin American Spanish did not diversify to the point of (true) dialects, at least not in South America.

Anonymous said...

Good luck man I agree with your postion not becuase i sympathize with your politics but when ur right ur right. Those asking us to deport 11 million people have no conception of the cost and moral dillema associated with such a project, it would bankrupt the government. Since the proposal that illegal immigrants serve a extremely important role in our economy can technically be challenged (not by anyone who knows what their talking about) I wont broach that topic. But morally the position is indefensible anyone who cant see that is probably going to hell. Now wouldn't it make more sense for the United States to legalize those already here, encourage further immigrations and use the tax revenue to invest in Mexico? You want people to stop risking thier lives to come to this country, then turn Mexico into a vibrant wealthy country. Not only would we benefit economically but the incentive to cross the border illegally would no longer exist. Additionally a Mexican government that was well financed and uncorrupt (any investment would require conditions) they could deal with the problem of narcotic cartels that could very well smuggle terrorists into the country. Yeah step up border patrol and security, but not to stop those who want to come here and help make our country great.