Wednesday, March 01, 2006


YES! The lost tape! My noble, but failed attempt to be the next American Idol!

Oh well.

this is an audio post - click to play


Mario said...

"your performance is akin to a miscarriage"?????????????????
Man, I have been laughing for five minutes non-stop. this is the best thing that's happened to me today. God, your p. abdul is brilliant.

The Dawg said...

This was the funniest shit i'v heard in a long time. Funny as hell.....You got Randy down perfect!

G-Man said...

Wow...that was amazing! is that all you? Your paula sounds a bit like michael jackson...The actually singing is quite good. (the a-ha song is really challenging to sing!!)

If that's you, dude, I'm totally impressed. I should send you some of my track and we gotta lay down some vocals.

Welcome to the dawgpound, we gotta hot one here tonight!

Marko said...

LOL, that was good!! Ha ha!

Bill German said...

I'm going to Norht Hollywood!!!! yeahhhhhh.. That was fun to listen.

Todd said...

I found it kind of creepy. I still don't understand the whole American Idol thing, but that's cause I've never seen it.

WAT said...

Yes, all the singing, all the voices is me.

Sing-A-Song-for-Luke said...

Maps you should include the real things?

I do recall an audition entry for a John Lenon contest, as well as your on CD.

Must I purchance post those audio clips?