Wednesday, March 08, 2006



I think it’s pretty safe to say that The United States of America is going to go to war with Iran. You read me. We are going to go to war with Iran. So soon. So very soon.

My God. My dear God.

We’re not even out of the muck in Iraq, and the signs are all pointed towards this eventuality. Call it fear over their nuclear weapons program, greed, oil, or insanity, but this is going to be happening in very little time. I can predict it in the articles I’ve been perusing with the threats and Israel’s growing uneasiness in taking action. Russia and China are on Iran's side, and there we are (geographically speaking) to the right and left of our next target--with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iran right in the middle.

So World War III (or just plain Armageddon) really started on September 11, 2001. It really f*ckin’ did. "I can see clearly now the rain is gone!" Since that awful nightmarish stupid day, it’s been nothing but downhill from there: threat of terrorism, increased fear, government surveillance, anti-gay/abortion rhetoric, more natural disasters, a hideous war in Iraq, and increased tension with nations the world over. It’s the Bushy administration ain’t it? They orchestrated that killer tsunami and Hurricane Katrina too I bet....okay, that's a stretch, but I'm only kidding!

Ah…the Clinton years. When all we worried about was his penis getting Lewinskied.

Those were the days…



Bill German said...

I stopped caring.

Soth, Loren Esquire said...

Afganastan, Iraq, and now Iran?
When Are we gonna go toe to toe with the terrosit nation of Isreal. Geesh.....get rid of them and the Muslims will be happy.

Whoops.....hehehe...forgot this was a public forum. F'Off I'm P175 so I can say that ;-P

Yet seriously, what do you expect with the dictator that we currently have?

9/11 -Caused by the Bush administration as an excuse to go to war with Iraq/Afganistan

Patriot Act-Bush Administration agenda to strip away the rights and freedom of Americans.

Sell to Dubai-Plot by the Bush Administration to force congress to renew Patriot Act, renew America's blind anger act the "Musilm" enemy.

The Gold Card-Vicenta Fox Plan: Another set-up to allow south of America illegals entrance and all the terroist so he can make a 3 Term and spark war.

Another Bush Administration Tragedy is coming up so we can go to War with Iran. The Tragedy will come from Mexico. A drug lord or desperate runner will be paid. And something will be brought across the border.

Thank God for the Govenor of Arizona who has the courage to foortify the Arizona Border, thank god for the Minute Man Project who is protect our borders.

I dug my grave have it at all....Huzah!

Brad said...

Hey, did you ever check out that "Loose Change" video on 9/11? You posted your thoughts pre-viewing, and I never heard back from you on it. Love to hear what you thought!

G-Man said...

Hey bud.

I'm writing this from midwestern Wisconsin. Although we're technically a "blue state", other than Madison, our state capital, which is highly liberal (where I went to college), there is no mistaking that this is a red state. And it blows my mind.

Screw up after screw up after screw up from the administration, and they still worship this guy. I drove in this morning following an SUV with a GW sticker on it and a cross, signifying how religious all GW supporters are, I guess. How can these people be serious? How can war mongering be at all Christian? The hypocracy blows my mind.

The republicans are masters at spinning stories. I'm amazed how the Cheney hunting thing was swept under the rug while Clinton got impeached for a BJ. Yeah, the Clintons weren't perfect -- but they weren't the village idiots either, like our guy GW. He makes me sick.

The day he got elected into office the second time around, I told my friends that before his time in office is up, we'll be in another war. Unbelievable. It's appauling to me that he used 9-11 as the catalist for all this. Yeah, very Christian indeed.

For the record, I still have my Kerry/Edwards sticker up in my cube at work -- It's kind of my way of saying, "Hey, i didn't vote for that fucker."

Now, back to work.

God bless america.

Todd said...

Thanks for starting my day off on a sour note. g-man is right. Here in Springpatch, everyone has a W04 sticker and a fish symbol on their cars. These people are so mindless. They never read the news. They only like it spoon fed by Katy Couric (sp??) and believe everything they hear from the pulpit.

I've tried to adopt Bill's mindset, to just not care, but damn. These idiots are destroying the entire world and no one is stopping them.

Marko said...

Man that is really scary. You are right all things are pointing to it.

Brad said...

It's the end of the world as we know it...

And I feel like shit.