Friday, March 03, 2006


So this week, CBS chairman Les Moonves decided to sue Howard Stern for mentioning his new home Sirius Satellite Radio too much during his last few months in 2005 on the air as king of the regular morning radio airwaves.

How utterly lame! This is certainly in retaliation over Stern’s incredible influence on his fan base (me included) to move from regular boring morning radio to subscribing to Sirius to catch his incredibly amazing and funny show. Let’s face it, isn’t it a coincidence that ratings released this week show Stern’s replacements doing poorly in the morning? Why is this? Because every other morning show is pretty bad! Unfunny, unoriginal bores! And in the same week, he gets sued. Uh huh.

Stern’s former employer is no doubt pissed off at its failure to find adequate morning jocks to replace him, and is most likely jealous as hell that he got me and about two million others to faithfully follow him to his new Sirius home and subscribe to him no matter what.

SUCKAS! I have been a faithful Howard listener since 1995, and will continue to for as long as he’s around. Yeah, I gotta pay now for it, but he brings me so much laughter for being the stupid crude hawk-nosed silly ugly Jew bastard that he is, that it is well worth it. He should win against this lawsuit easily, for it really has no merit whatsoever.

As Howard would say, “What else is in the news Robin?”


Anonymous said...

Your right,

CBS doesn't really have a leg to stand on. Especially since I do believe Sirus was paying for advertising. Plus I doubt that the courts would hardly find favor with CBS since people want to hear howard....not the CBS radio.

I think the courts would ignore it, because then it would bring in the FCC. Howard has stated on the radio why he left, in order for CBS to win they would have to prove that the FCC was in the wrong. That the FCC did not force howard to leave CBS radio. Howard fufilled his contract, and told listener where he could find him.

Nothing wrong with that.

ScottyFerguson said...

Fuck CBS! They should have been pissed when he was doing it not after the fact! Thats silly. As it stood the last year he was a little wary of fans calling and saying stuff like "hey Howard, I just bought Sirrus Radio. Cant wait for your new show." Everytime a call came in like that they seemed to get nervous. With the "ok thank you next call" kinda tone.Like they were already told not to say anything about the new venue. They did what they did . Now is not the time for CBS to cry about it. What is CBS on somesort of 2 year time delay? They had ample time to tell them not to do it. Ample time to complain back then , IF there was too much Sirrus talk. Why now? Rating for the new Infiniti show sucks. CBS sucks and Howards show is Better than it could have ever been. OH WELL CBS...

Loren Soth said...

Yeah on my way to work I would listen to Howard. It was always great. When Howard left, I had the dail to 97.1, but after a week...I had to change it to K-Big over here.

I am sorry the Adam Corola show is not funny. It's basically the Howard Stern show format, but it's just not funny.

Although Frosty, Heidi and Frank are Hilarious.... in their mid-day spot.

Todd said...

I'm sure it had to go through CBS's legal department, then financial department to determine if they could make any money off a lawsuit. These things take time running through the corporate channels, but I'm sure CBS will get money out of the deal somehow or they wouldn't be doing it.